Learn the Basics of Web Search with Google Search Operators

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Building search queries for a search engine is often a tricky affair, because of the secretive nature of their indexing systems and the search algorithms. Google uses “Booleans, Search Operators, Notations and Symbols” in combination with search terms to help drill down on relevancy of search results. An internet research specialist is the best judge in the selection of the most appropriate approach for building their queries, but without having an in-depth knowledge of how to structure search queries in a given situation, search results are of poor quality. To gain specialized skills in the selection and use of search operators for structuring the most effective search query string, this webinar should be the foremost choice for anyone doing online research.

Join a live webinar to learn “Basics of Web Search with Google Search Operators”. Designed for anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool to find reliable data and most relevant information, both, quickly and with high accuracy.

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Topics we will cover in this Webinar

Quick Introduction to Google Search Query Operators

  • Google Basic Search Operators
  • Google Advanced Search Operators
  • Google Search Notations and Symbols 

Search Query Building Rules & Conventions

  • Precision Search in Single Search Query
  • Precision Search in Multi-search Query 
  • Proximity Search Concept & Examples

Building Search Queries with Advanced Search Operators

  • Search within Websites, Filetypes, Related Sites & Meta-data (Meta-tags).
  • Search Queries for News, Articles & Blogs
  • Search Queries Applied to Search for Groups, Forums & Social Media Info.

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Time Zone - Ontario, Canada - EST

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Start Date 30 May 2020 - 11:00am
End Date 30 May 2020 - 1:00pm
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