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Search Engines List, Searchable Directories, Archives, and Portals

Search Engine List

  • Over 1500 searchable directories, search engine lists, archives, and portals are available.
  • Top list of differnet types of search engines, including web search engines, video search engines, meta-search engines, image search engines, academic search engines, blog search engines, directories, private search engine list, people search engines, Q & A search engines, research reports.
  • All links have been checked to ensure that they are LIVE and functional. Through the AOFIRS Resource Scoring Process, information resources are tested and rated for information relevance, subject and resource reliability, and data quality.

Information Resource, Search Engine List Scoring Criteria

  • The reputation of the Resource
  • Number of Years in Business
  • Type of Data and Volume of Free Information
  • Innovation and presentation (niche area, information presentation, ease of access, etc.)
  • Information Quality, Reliability and Relevance (newest and updated)

Ratings Score Reputation Scale

1 = Poor | 2 = Better | 3 = Ok | 4 = Good | 5 = Very Good | 5+ = Best


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