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Web Search From a Bus


Opportunistic connections to the Internet from open wireless access points is now commonly possible in urban areas. Vehicular networks can opportunistically connect to the Internet for several seconds via open access points. In this paper, we adapt the interactive process of web search and retrieval to vehicular networks with intermittent Internet access. Our system, called Thedu, has mobile nodes use an Internet proxy to collect search engine results and prefetch result pages. The mobile nodes download the pre-fetched web pages from the proxy. Our contribution is a novel set of techniques to make aggressive but selective prefetching practical, resulting in a significantly greater number of relevant web results returned to mobile users. In particular, we prioritize responses in the order of the usefulness of the response to the query, which allows the mobile node to download the most useful response first. To evaluate our scheme, we deployed Thedu on DieselNet, our vehicular testbed operating in a micro-urban area around Amherst, MA....

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