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Search for people by name, email, tags. Retrieved results will display a picture of the person, if available…

Spock ( Search for people by name, email, tags. Retrieved results will display a
picture of the person, if available. For the more exciting features, like searching by email, you must
create a free user account.
Pipl ( Claim that it is better than Google because it searches the “deep” or “invisible”.
Facesearch ( Is an image search engine for faces only and it is powered by
Google. Note how the results are displayed, as a catalog of images, only, absolutely no text.
Yoname ( Searches for people across a number of social networking sites
including: MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr. You can search for people by name, username, or an
email address. The results are clustered in tabs according to the social network where the name was
found. Wink ( Provides free people search across over 400 Million profiles from across the
Internet ‐ including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and all the other big social networks. You can search
for people by name, location, work, school or interests.

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