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Optimized Smart Search Engine with Meticulousness Resources

An Optimized Smart Search Engine with meticulousness in Retrieval of Entertainment, Leisure and Travel related Informative Resources

With more information being available on World Wide Web, General Search Engines are becoming ineffective for information access. Hence, the sheer volume of information presented by the General Search Engine is limiting its value. Generally, users have different information needs for his/her query. Search results should therefore be adapted to user information needs. Search Engines have become a primary tool for entertainment, leisure and travel planning. For these search engines to be successful, it is crucial, that information the user retrieves, should be relevant to the user and should be trustworthy as well. In this paper, we first propose a modular architecture of a Search Engine, focusing on integrating all scattered information related to entertainment, leisure and travel and then tailoring the information according to individual users. The proposed Search Engine will automatically acquire high quality facts about the various attractions, will filter them and will present only those pieces to user which is of interest to them. This Search Engine will be a combination of vertical and personalized search engine .We also quote some of the major differences between this search engine and general search engines. The focused set of websites being crawled for this category along with the application of various personalization approaches would lead to more efficient and accurate information retrieval.

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