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Semantic data model for multibody system modelling

Multibody system simulation, as one area of system simulation, represents a considerable improvement in predicting machine dynamic performance compared to previous methods that are often based on analytic equations or empirical testing. With multibody system simulation, it is fast and efficient to study the effects of design variables on the dynamic behaviour of the mechanism compared to the experimental approach. Accordingly, the use of multibody system simulation in the design process can decrease the need for physical prototypes, thus accelerating the overall design process and saving resources. In the product development sense, the interaction between computational tools can be cumbersome. For this reason, multibody system simulation is often omitted in terms of the main stream of product development. Due to the increase of computational resources, the trend is towards extensive usage of simulation, including multibody system simulation, in the product development. The research emphasis in the field of multibody system dynamics has been on the areas of improved multibody system formulations, such as recursive methods, representation of flexible structures, application of multibody simulation in new areas such as biomechanics, and including multibody simulation into multitechnical and multiphysics simulation. The research on modelling data management and integration approaches concerning tools applied in product design and development has not been in the main stream. The growth of the World Wide Web and the evolution of Web technologies have multiplied the amount of data and information available on the Internet. In this expansion of information, it has become cumbersome to find and distil the useful information from the data mass. In order to utilise the information available on the Internet and to sort meaningful information out of the data mass, the World Wide Web Consortium began a development project for the next generation Web, the Semantic Web. In this development effort, methods and technologies based on semantic data representation are developed and utilised. These methods and technologies are general enough to be applied to other application areas as well.

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