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Semantic Search Systems to Identify Directions of Research

Evaluating Semantic Search Systems to Identify Future Directions of Research

Recent work on searching the Semantic Web has yielded a wide range of approaches with respect to the style of input, the underlying search mechanisms and the manner in which results are presented. Each approach has an impact upon the quality of the information retrieved and the user’s experience of the search process. This highlights the need for formalised and consistent evaluation to benchmark the coverage, applicability and usability of existing tools and provide indications of future directions for advancement of the state-of-the-art. In this paper, we describe a comprehensive evaluation methodology which addresses both the underlying performance and the subjective usability of a tool. We present the key outcomes of a recently completed international evaluation campaign which adopted this approach and thus identify a number of new requirements for semantic search tools from both the perspective of the underlying technology as well as the user experience.

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