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Combining Semantic Search and Ontology Learning

Combining Semantic Search and Ontology Learning for Incremental Web Ontology Engineering

In the context of the semantic Web, ontologies improve the exploitation of Web resources by adding a consensual piece of knowledge. The need for using domain ontology for information retrieval (IR) has been explored by some approaches to better answer users’ queries. However, ontology in IR system requires a regular updating, especially the addition of new concepts and relationships. Besides, IR systems are generally based on few domain ontology that cannot be expanded. This paper proposes a framework that describe semantic Web search for ontology learning. In a previous work, we have proposed an incremental approach for ontology learning using an ontological representation called “Metaontology”. In this paper, we describe how the processes of semantic search and ontology learning from texts can collaborate to facilitate Web ontology engineering using case based reasoning.

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