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Web Link Analysis of Websites of Indian Institute of Technology

Exploring Web Link Analysis of Websites of Indian Institute of Technology

Web links explore much useful information through densely linked web pages for a specific group of people or people with special research interest. The paper analyses the web link structure for a group of 23 IITs to discover new sources of information. It also discusses the problems of search engines and its limitations in web link analysis. Web link structures of Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are analysed using SocSciBot4.0 and Pajek4. The paper tries to find out the pattern of hyperlinks among the premier IITs and new IITs separately. The study also covers the historical aspects and approaches of link analysis. Backlinks of IITs are analysed and micro-link topologies are constructed using Pajek. The result shows that more than 90 per cent of backlinks are in English language.

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