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Hi-tech fraudsters have urbanized a new way of tricking on line banking customers. One such most well known and fast growing technique is phishing. Latest in phishing is application of Trojan horse program. Trojan horse" program insinuates itself into a user's computer via an email and directs the user of the system to website which is exactly similar to financial institution web site. Crooks pick up passwords and account numbers as soon as customer logon to these sites. As it evident from table 1 phishing causes maximum loss to the customers/ institution in comparison to other similar techniques. Keeping in view, the serious threats of phishing attacks author analyzed the trends of major activities of the phishing across globe specifically in the banking sector. In addition, author analyzed the reasons for increase in fishng activities, types of phishing techniques, and process of phishing. Further author has presented recent cases of phishing specifically in banking/ financial sector. Towards the end it author has studied the measures to combat the fishing in online banking.

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