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Emerging online frauds: detection and their possible controlling strategies in e-business

Information Technology boom specially as E-business or online business has given the remarkable business trend among the public which can be observed easily by the frequent usages of Paytm, Debit Card, Credit Cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking etc. that is all business deals are just one click or one touch away . As in any business financial transactions are always and will always be the important activity therefore the key role of banking sectors with the handshaking with Information Technology along with Cyber Laws shall always be of prime importance. If the businesses are fully web enabled then basis of brand building may be customer online review about the product which is one of the informal way of certifications about the quality of product or services which could have been possible due to the emergence of E-Commerce and subsequently its effective practices. But still cyber frauds cannot be overlooked. This paper focuses on the current unethical E-Business practices and the role of Cyber laws to overcome it.

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