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Web 2.0 interactivity in open access (oa) repositories: an analysis

The adoption of Web 2.0 tools in open access repositories is indicate of the development of repositories for keeping pace with interactive technology. This paper is an earnest attempt to provide an overall picture of the application of Web 2.0 technologies and to analyze their number of occurrences in open access repositories. It has also brought into spotlight the region-wise diffusion of interactive web tools in open repositories. Englishinterfaced OA repositories enlisted in Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR) irrespective of their location, discipline, software, and type were manually accessed and the necessary data was harvested and tabulated. Of the total 1484 English-interfaced repositories, 1196 repositories (81%) were functional and 287 (19%) repositories were inaccessible. Of the functional repositories, 792 (66%) were Web 2.0 enabled and 405 (34%) have yet to embrace the Web 2.0 tools...

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