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Analysis of traditional attributes and website attributes in order to improve customers trust in electronic banking

In the last three decades, development of new information and communication technology has affected the methods of bank services to the customers. The points that are very important to notice are active and provident characteristics of electronic banking in comparison to traditional banking, but despite positive characteristics of electronic banking, it does not have any dependable place among customers yet. In this regard, present research offers a compound model of traditional and online factors effects on customers trust in electronic banking and widespread advertisements. For this purpose, we have used a standard questionnaire on the basis of Likert dividing. 383 customers of Iran Mellat bank branch in Shiraz have been tested randomly. Information analyses have been done with the method of descriptive and deductive statistics and using statistics software Amos20. The results show that both traditional and website bank characteristics influence customers trust in electronic banking, also the coordinator role of traditional services quality in relation with traditional characteristics with trust in electronic banking was rejected.

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