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Keywords for Scripta Materialia

The keyword listing for Scripta Materialia is divided into five sections.

  1. Synthesis and Processing;
  2. Characterization;
  3. Material Type;
  4. Properties and Phenomena;
  5. Theory, Computer Simulations, and Modeling. Authors should select a maximum of five (5) keywords from the five sections as appropriate and ensure that the keywords are included in their manuscript in accordance with the Notes for the Guidance of Authors. Where deemed necessary, authors may provide one keyword that does not appear on the listing. The total number of keywords must not exceed five. The keywords selected will be used for search and retrieval purposes in an electronic environment as well as for the creation of subject indexes for Scripta Materialia. It is therefore recommended that authors pay careful attention to the selection of the keywords to ensure that they provide a useful description of the work being reported

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