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The use of keywords in the abstract of papers is fundamental for the documentation of papers and articles in the international scientific world. The CIRP community has always been aware of this requirement and, to this aim, the working group on UNIFICATION has prepared and continuously updated CIRP UNIFIED KEYWORD LIST, which must be used by all the authors of papers in the CIRP Annals and in any other publication under the CIRP heading. While preparing the abstract of your paper you have to identify your paper with three keywords from the list in the following order: - The first keyword identifying the general subject of the paper - Two following keywords to detail particular aspects of the paper. The keywords should be used in singular form, with the first letter in upper case, as they appear in the list. Authors may use the third keyword free, taking into account new emerging areas. The free keyword should always be the last one. The keywords should be separated by a comma.

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