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The system herein set forth is an analytical method of reading the horoscope chart. It is developed along the lines indicated by Max Heindel in The Message Of The Stars, pages 405-408. It consists simply of combining the keywords of the planets, signs, and houses to form keyphrases, key-sentences and key-paragraphs, then the final summing up of these to arrive at a composite judgment. By this method anyone can read the message of a chart in a fairly intelligent manner. There has been an idea in the past that a high degree of intuition was necessary before one could hope to do this. But this idea has largely been disproved. Anyone who can combine simple elements and reason from cause to effect can combine the keywords in a chart to ascertain at least the essential part of its message. Reference to dignities, exaltations, retrogradation, interception and other minor factors is omitted, as only the advanced student needs to consider them.

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