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Internet of Things Applications, Challenges and Related Future Technologies

Nowadays Internet of Things (IoT) gained a great attention from researchers, since it becomes an important technology that promises a smart human being life, by allowing a communications between objects, machines and every things together with peoples. IoT represents a system which consists a things in the real world, and sensors attached to or combined to these things, connected to the Internet via wired and wireless network structure. The IoT sensors can use various types of connections such as RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee, in addition to allowing wide area connectivity using many technologies such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, and LTE. IoT-enabled things will share information about the condition of things and the surrounding environment with people, software systems and other machines. by the technology of the IoT, the world will becomes smart in every aspects, since the IoT will provides a means of smart cities, smart healthcare, smart homes and building, in addition to many important applications such as smart energy, grid, transportation, waste management and monitoring . In this paper we review a concept of many IoT applications and future possibilities for new related technologies in addition to the challenges that facing the implementation of the IoT.

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