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PRISM: Concept-preserving Social Image Search Results Summarization

Most existing tag-based social image search engines present search results as a ranked list of images, which cannot be consumed by users in a natural and intuitive manner. In this paper, we present a novel concept-preserving image search results summarization algorithm named prism. prism exploits both visual features and tags of the search results to generate high quality summary, which not only breaks the results into visually and semantically coherent clusters but it also maximizes the coverage of the summary w.r.t the original search results. It first constructs a visual similarity graph where the nodes are images in the search results and the edges represent visual similarities between pairs of images. This graph is optimally decomposed and compressed into a set of concept-preserving subgraphs based on a set of summarization objectives. Images in a concept-preserving subgraph are visually and semantically cohesive and are described by a minimal set of tags or concepts. Lastly, one or more exemplar images from each subgraph is selected to form the exemplar summary of the result set. Through empirical study, we demonstrate the effectiveness of prism against state-ofthe-art image summarization and clustering algorithms.

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