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Review of Techniques of Digital Video Forgery Detection


Now days, digital technology has become predominant technology for creating, processing, transmitting and storing information in various forms such as audio, video, text and image all together we can call it as multimedia data. With the innovations and development in sophisticated video editing technology and a wide spread use of video information and services in our society, it is becoming increasingly significant to assure the trustworthiness of video information. Therefore in surveillance, medical and various other fields, video contents must be protected against attempt to manipulate them. Such malicious alterations could affect the decisions based on these videos. As video editing techniques are getting very complicated, modified videos are hard to detect. However, when a video is modified, some of its basic properties get changed. Then to detect those changes which is also called as forgery detection, it is needed to use complex video processing techniques and algorithm. This paper presents review of the various existing methods in literature, that are used to find whether the video is real one or not.

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