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Dealing With Fake News: Policy and Technical Measures


Fake news has, by many definitions, existed throughout human history, from early word of mouth transmission of news, to the printing press which allowed for greater dissemination of ideas, and to the internet and social media services that provide a convenient and cheap means of dissipating news globally. While social media has democratized content creation, provided a platform for previously overlooked local stories and experiences, offered a means of expression for those living in closed societies, spurred small businesses as well as allowed for political organization and activism, it has also introduced new tools for actors who seek to gain from the proliferation of fake news. In recent times, the prevalence of fake news on social media platforms has occurred in close proximity to democratic elections in various countries. Although determining the exact influence of fake news on election outcomes amid a wide range of other factors remains an open question, it is important to address the complex socio-technical challenges posed by the prevalence of fake news on social media platforms..

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