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Clp Lesson Plan Fake News With Activity Cards


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There have been many “fake news” controversies during the US presidential election and in the aftermath of the European Union
referendum in the UK. This lesson has been produced to provide students with the necessary skills to navigate the potential hazards of “fake news” and media manipulation.
Clarify any questions students may have about the categories. Give your students thinking time to make their choice. Encourage them to move around the room, considering each option. Then ask them to go to their chosen corners and share with others who have chosen the same corner why they have made that particular choice. If there are a large number of students in the same corner then they could split into pairs or threes. After a short while, you should invite a spokesperson from each group to explain their thinking. As each group does this, draw attention to the similarities and differences of the reasons given. Particularly highlight any contradictions or inconsistencies.



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