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This paper outlines a new approach to the acquisition and processing of digital evidence obtained from disparate digital devices and sources. To date, the capture of digital-based evidence has always been in its entirety from the source device and different methods and containers (file types) are used for different types of digital device (e.g. computer, PDA, mobile phone). This paper defines a new approach called a Digital Evidence Bag (DEB) that is a universal container for the capture of digital evidence. Furthermore, the Digital Evidence Bag concept could be used to permit the streamlining of data capture and allow multiple sources of evidence to be processed in a multiprocessor distributed environment and thereby maximizing the use of available processing power. The approach described in this paper allows for the first time the forensic process to be extended beyond the traditional static forensic capture of evidence into the real-time 'live’ capture of evidence. In addition to this, the Digital Evidence Bag can be used to provide an audit trail of processes performed upon the evidence as well as integrated integrity checking.

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