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Deep Web, Dark Web, Invisible Web and Post Isis World

Deep web, dark web, invisible web and the post isis world

Is there a difference between the invisible or deep web and Dark web? “New research from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows how malicious TOR entry guards can strip away the Dark Web’s anonymity features, exposing users and the hidden websites they visit.” Law enforcement and government agencies have made considerable headway by developing new and improved methods to deanonymize the TOR and track users using the Deep web for bad purposes. How can we fight terrorism and use the Deep/Dark web for good? The United States government has been trying to design certain programs that can take away some of the anonymity of the TOR and track users on the Dark web. They are trying to find ways to fight terrorist groups but still give people a certain level of privacy. The biggest design that has been created to aid in the tracking and monitoring of users on the Dark web (including terrorist groups) is a MEMEX project that has been developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). If we can start to monitor certain users of the Dark web, then we can finally take a step to actively fight terrorism.

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