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CIRS™ Training Guide - Professional Online Research Training Course - 5th Edition

This book is developed as a Self-study Training Guide to assist you in preparing for the Certified Internet Research Specialists (CIRS) examination. A comprehensive CIRS™ Exam Prep Course aligned with the New 2021 Curriculum.This course is designed to serve as a self-study training ...Read more
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Short Desctiption : This book is developed as a Self-study Training Guide to assist you in preparing for the Certified Internet Research Specialists (CIRS) examination. A comprehensive CIRS™ Exam Prep Course aligned with the New 2021 Curriculum.This course ...

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This book is developed as a Self-study Training Guide to assist you in preparing for the Certified Internet Research Specialists (CIRS) examination.

A comprehensive CIRS™ Exam Prep Course aligned with the New 2021 Curriculum.

This course is designed to serve as a self-study training guide to help you prepare for the CIRS™ examination. The book is most suitable as a Practical Guide for mastering the art of Online Research by anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool for information gathering - The topics covered in this book will assist you in developing complex search queries using search methods and tools in a practical manner.

Even if you have no technical background and want to start a career involving extensive online research, you will find that the book will start you with the basics and gradually advance you to expert levels – this is due to the book's use of simple English combined with plenty of screenshots captured as exhibits – Hundreds of practical examples, easy-to-follow drawings, diagrams, charts, and graphs, as well as many lists of information resources and links, are included.

This course has four (4) Modules and forty-five (45) Chapters that will teach you the most current job-ready skills and techniques. Students enrolled in CIRS Online Classes will notice that the Chapters are divided into many Lessons. Students must earn at least 75% accurate answers on the CIRS Certification Exam in order to pass. You will receive an unlimited number of practice exams to help you prepare for the CIRS final exam. 

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Details of CIRS™ Exam Syllabus

CIRS™ Self-Study Bundle Included

Self-Study Bundle Includes

  1. CIRS Professional Online Research Training Guide – 550 Pages
  2. CIRS unlimited number of practice exams.

This program consists of four (4) Modules and (45) Chapters, providing you with the latest job-ready skills and techniques.



This module has (7) Chapters

This module will teach you about the technology that powers the Internet, as well as how web pages are accessed and displayed in a browser. - The course was created specifically for online researchers to help them understand when to use certain search phrases. And how should it be structured in a certain situation?

Chapter 1 | The Networks Technology
  • What is the difference between a network and the internet?
  • Important Definitions
  • Basic Connectivity of a Simple Network
    • Illustration of a Simple (Basic) Home Network Connected to the Internet
    • Local Area Network (LAN) 
    • Wide Area Network (WAN)
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Illustrations of Wide Area Network
  • Network connectivity devices
    • PC’s or Workstations or Clients
    • A Server (Central Server)
    • Routers
    • Hubs
    • Switch
    • Access Point
    • Network Cards (NIC)
    • A Network Server


This module has (25) Chapters

We've divided our course into two sections in this module.

  • The Internet Research - Methods and Techniques, and,
  • Conventional Research Methods and Methodologies.

The Internet Research - Methods and Techniques module is the most important part of the Internet research curriculum. This section focuses on web search techniques and identifies the challenges, methods, and inherent barriers to conducting online research. It provides students with a broad understanding of the behavior and functionality of search engines. Students learn to construct complex web search queries and confidently conduct precision searches.

The Research Methods and Methodologies segment of the course is typical conventional research methods and methodologies that are fundamental for any type of research work. This segment is covering knowledge of the industry’s research standards, conventions, and methods applied by traditional research practitioners.

Chapter 8 | Search Engine Textual Database & Query Recognition Intelligence
  • Search Intelligence
    • Re-visiting Query Interpretations In Search Engine Textual Database
    • Search Intelligence (Semantics Model)
    • The Semantics of Keywords Replacement with Stemming & Lemmatization
      • Variations of Semantically Similar Conversational Sentences
  • The Semantically Similar Textual Query
  • The Semantics of “Stemming” and “Lemmatization”.
    • The Semantics of Keywords Replacement with Stemming & Lemmatization
      • The Semantics of Applying a Person’s Names Diminutives
  • Textual Query and Natural Language Recognition (NLP)
    • Lexical barrier
    • Syntax Level barrier
    • Referential barrier
  • Textual Database and Machine Learning Intelligence (MLI)
  • Ranking and Relevance Explained by Google
    • The Ranking, according to Google
    • Web Page Authority
    • Trustworthiness and Reliability
    • Knowledgeability of the Source
    • Web Page Popularity
  • Summary Chart - The semantics of Intent, Context, Relevance, and Ranking in Intent Discovery


This module has (4) Chapters

The Business of Research is an important module for those Research Professionals that are interested in setting up their independent research services practice as Independent Research Specialists. The main objective of this module is to provide a basic understanding of how to set-up an Independent Research Services Business and how to effectively manage small business operations? - The topics are intended to familiarize students with essential elements of business management that provide valuable insight into SMB (Small to Medium Size Business) operational issues, along with the business risks attached and both the advantages and disadvantages of working independently.

This module also includes topics that explain several steps required from the time the client research proposal is drafted and later how it gets executed and ultimately delivered to the client. Other aspects of business operations such as Accounting, Billing, Project Pricing and Projects Costing are also included in this module.

Chapter 33 | Internet Research Business
  • What is Research Work?
  • What is Internet Research?
  • Purpose of Professional Research
  • Skill Requirements of a Modern-day Internet Researchers
  • Internet Researcher Skills
    • Soft Skills
    • Technical Skills
      • Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Analytics
      • Computer Skills and Online Research Skills
  • Internet Research Skills in the Information Market
    • Business and Industry Specific Research (Non-Academic)
      • Information and Data Requirements for Internal and External Reporting
      • Job descriptions, job responsibilities and business reports
      • Business Reports and Information Reporting
        • List of Typical Research and Analysis Reports in Businesses and Industry
          • Business Feasibility
          • Investment Feasibility (Financial Feasibility)
          • Market and Marketing Feasibility
          • SWOT Analysis
      • Business Management Reports (Internal Data and External Data)
      • Management Reports used in Businesses – Summary Chart
        • Business Management Reports Categorized
          • Formal and Informal Reports
          • Internal or External Reports
          • Informational or Analytical Reports
    • Popular Research Areas in Businesses
      • Business Competitive Intelligence
      • Company Research
      • Accounting and Financial Research
      • Market and Industry Research
      • Investigative Research
      • Legal Research
      • Technology Research
    • Industry and Businesses Need for Research & Data
  • Research as a Services Business
    • Professional Research Industry
      • Forrester Research
      • IDC Research
      • Northern light
    • Global Outsourcing
  • Large Corporate Enterprise & Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMB’s)
  • Academic Research
      • The Art Disciplines
      • The Science Disciplines
      • The Discipline of Philosophy
      • The Discipline of History
      • The Disciplines of Humanities
    • Scientific Research


This module has (9) Chapters

Internet Law also referred to as "Cyber Law" encompasses all transactions and activities on the internet. The collaborative nature of the internet and its vast expansion has led to numerous legal challenges making "Internet Law" a critical perspective concerning the internet. The objective of this module is to introduce research specialists to the domain of legalities on the internet and teach them how to minimize their liabilities and mitigate legal risks.

This module is about Internet Ethical Issues of the Internet compliments the legal framework of legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. In conducting effective internet research, having a thorough understanding of the ethical challenges facing internet research, and tackling them accordingly is a necessity. Ethical issues challenge researchers in many ways. These usually involve consumer rights and responsibilities towards them and society. It explains the language of right and wrong, moral decisions - what is good and bad? Etc.

Chapter 37 | Introduction to Cyber Law or Internet Law
  • Internet Law: Definition
  • Need for Internet Laws
  • Legal issues in Emerging Internet Technology
  • Key Areas within Internet Law
  • Online Research and Internet laws
  • Importance of Cyber laws Knowledge in Online Research

Inclusive Online Training Resources for Exam Preparation

You can use a variety of online resources to enhance the Official CIRS Courseware. [The following resources are available to registered students who have purchased Training Material]:
Exam Guide

Exam Guide

A guide that focuses on providing strategies and recommendations for passing exams. The topics included in this handbook are based on candidate feedback and the most frequently requested questions. It detects topics that most students find difficult to understand and suggests the best way to get through the difficulty barrier.

Online Mock Exams

Online Mock Exams

Students who register can take real mock examinations that simulate the same final exam style and questions. In each segment of the exams, questions are rotated at random, just like in actual exams with retakes.

Supplemental Notes

Supplemental Notes

These are the learning materials that are given as information and notes to either complement the primary topics in the curriculum or to assist students with difficult and complex topics that require elaboration or further explanations.

Unlimited Access to Research Papers

Unlimited Access to Research Papers

Access to the Association's online research papers. These are a collection of externally generated links. These will be beneficial as references for students who need help explaining and learning concepts and topics included on the CIRS exam.

Unlimited Practice Exam Included

Unlimited Practice Exam Included

Students who buy the CIRS Training Guide get an unlimited number of practise examinations to assist them study for the CIRS final exam. In each segment of the exams, questions are rotated at random, just like in actual exams with retakes.

Online Exam Preparation Support

Online Exam Preparation Support

Students receive online chat support by appointment to help them through their study programmes and to address their issues and questions concerning the CIRS exam. [This is not a tutoring service; it is live guidance from our Course Development and Examination Board volunteer members.]



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