Management Team

AOFIRS Management Team

Our "Management Team" is more like a family that serves to support, present, and execute the everyday operational function of our association. We are proud to have the right mix of professionals coming from several different and diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, and holds multicultural social values. Together we make the perfect storm. Most grateful for their contribution and dedication.

Naveed Manzoor

Naveed Manzoor


Designation: Chief Executive & Director

Region: Toronto - Canada

Board Member Elected: Board of Directors

Mr. Manzoor is an experienced Information Technology professional with expertise in “Search Engines Technology Development”. He has worked extensively on search questions recognition intelligence within search engines instead of just keyword inserts and phrases. He has built a "Natural Language Speech Recognition Intelligence Search Engine" that would recognize “Actual Questions and Understand Intent behind the Search”.  He is the creator of patent ready proprietary design on natural language recognition next generation search engine. He holds sole copyrights for innovative application and business models. He has authored a paper on "Taxonomic Query Search Engine - Essential Elements for Next Generation Search on the Internet".Mr. Manzoor holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from USA along with BS in Business and Finance.

Sadaf Naz

Sadaf Naz


Designation: Manager Administration & Coordination

Region: Global Collaboration Offshore-Offices


Sadaf is a seasoned and mature all-around coordinator of administrative matters within and outside of the Association. Sadaf has held several management positions in the past at various levels of administration. She is at her best when resolving matters between the board members, the management team and the outside world. A troubleshooter, a go-getter and a quick thinker we rely on her ability to keep the house in order. Sadaf is an MS (Economics) from Karachi University and currently pursuing MBA courses. She is constantly learning new skills one of which is "Online Research". Sadaf has been managing accounting, record keeping, HR issues and secretarial work of the CEO. A woman that can wear several hats and never get tired. 


Marilia De Mello


Designation: Representative in Brazil

Region:  South America - Brazil


A Law librarian with 18 years of professional experience and 11 years of experience in legal research, reference, digital library, and terminology. Expertise in the delivery of comprehensive reference services utilizing a wide variety of technologies and formats. Extensive experience in using complex resources, reference sources, computer searches, and document delivery. Well versed in evaluating and assessing collections; identify and select materials to ensure comprehensive collection development. Actively promote the library and its leading-edge resources, services, and innovations. Certified by the Association of Internet Research Specialists.


Richard (Rich) De Angelo


Designation: IT Manager - Sr. Software Engineeer

Region:  Toronto, Canada


Rich was a difficult find after going through the pain of testing out so many IT people. Rich is a blessing since he is a sharpshooter, no bs kinda guy and very serious and responsible person. He has a BS in CS and many many certificates in IT. Rich works with our other IT team offshore and remotely manages a team of 5 people on 3 continents worldwide. It is amazing how he manages so much with so many in three time zones. He has excellent discipline and professional etiquettes that we admire specially at such a young age.

Martin Grossner

Martin (Marti) Grossner (CA)


Designation: Chief Financial Officer

Region: Canada and Global Locations


Marti is a Chartered Accountant and handles financial matters. We like him because of how he can explain complex financial and taxation issues in a most simplified way. He is experienced in the matters of not for profit corporate issues and guides us and our bookkeeper. He is currently available on the part-time basis or as needed and we hope he can join us full time soon.

Jennifer Levin

Jennifer Levin


Designation: Marketing Manager

Region: Canada and Global Locations


Jenni is a very hard working Marketing Manager and oversees all marketing content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive membership sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive membership experience. Jenni is an expert in all things related to content and channel optimization, AOFIRS objective consistency and implementation, segmentation and localization, analytics and meaningful measurement of AOFIRS deliverables to its members.The position collaborates with the departments of public relations, communications, marketing and customer service.

Farah Mohsin

Farah H.


Designation: Web Designer & UI Expert

Region: Global Team - South Asia Support


Farah is a brilliant graphic designer and a visual artist. She has conceptualized our web sites, designed stationary, logos, brochures, business cards and so much more that is countless. We are deeply indebted to her patience and perseverance in dealing with us. She has a very calm and mature mannerism that has helped us to stay on track with the production and creativity. If any of you loke her work on our web site then please do not hesitate to drop her a few words of encouragement in her email box. Way to go Farah!!!! clap clap...


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