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Exclusive Knowledge Share Network

Exclusive Knowledge Share Network

We like to share informational content that has been aggregated from various sources and from the contribution of our members and our own in-house staff. This information data includes Members Forums, Articles, Search Engines List, Research Papers, and Latest Industry News. This information base is regularly updated by our own team and through the courtesy of contributor partners and members.


Sharing information is essential in advancing the collective understanding and knowledge of a subject. We invite subject related articles from its members, our in-house writers and researchers in creating...

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Research Papers

List of various types of educational material, research papers, notes, discussions, presentations and information that relates to subjects such as: Internet Technology, Online Research, Symantec Database and Search, Knowledge Management, Data Analytics, Library Sciences, Deep Web and Vendor Specific Search Engines....

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Search Engines Lists

Over 1500+ Searchable Directories, Search Engines, Archives and Portals All links are tested for being LIVE and working. Information resources tested and rated for information Relevance, Subject and Resource...

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Specialized Directories

We have created our own Specialized Directories of Societies and Associations, General Web Directories, Specialized Web Directories, Specialized Search Engines, Library Catalogs and Global Weblink Libraries....

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Books & Journals

Our staff find and sometimes review books of interest to the profession of online search and research as well as knowledge management to bring to your desktop. The review is done weekly and new books are...

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Events Calender

Get to know the industry events that is happening throughout the year. The calendar takes you around the globe to the scheduled seminars, webinars, special events of interest for knowledge professionals.

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World's leading professional association of Internet Research Specialists - We deliver Knowledge, Education, Training, and Certification in the field of Professional Online Research. The AOFIRS is considered a major contributor in improving Web Search Skills and recognizes Online Research work as a full-time occupation for those that use the Internet as their primary source of information.

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