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Finding Potential Statistics & Figures for a Topic 29 Nov 2018 14:15 #259

Please suggestions about finding numbers (statistics, figures) about a certain topic that you have in mind but not if the numbers are available. For example, number of hours people spend deliberating about which career to choose vs the number of hours doing that career. Or number of hours people spend deliberating about which career to choose vs number of hours doing they deliberate for much much less important decisions like what clothes they should buy? How do I find numbers related to career deliberation? Both tips about the general "number finding" issue and the specific "career deliberation" issue are appreciated . I tried zanran.com for a bit but couldn't find anything relevant.
The response might be added to this ResearchGate Discussion goo.gl/VPGC1e . If you prefer that I don't add it, please let me know.

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