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Financing your studies with us – Find out how?


Financing yourTraining& Certificationwith the Association

The Association's students and members can  partial payment from Credit Card and pay the unpaid amount with our monthly installment payment plan. This is one convenient way to pay for their Live Online Training Classes without being burdened with full-cost up-front. 

What is “Instalment Plans”?

While we highly encourage the one-time payment option, but with COVID-19 situation many of us are facing financial uncertainities. In times like these, to ensure that we continue our "Online Education Programs", and to make it affordable for our students and members to enrol in "Live Online Classes" we are introducing "Instalment Payment Plan". 

To become eligeable, students and members need to have a credit card in their name and they must apply for the financing facility through application process.

The installment payment plans are built around retail price at full cost; therefore applicants are not eligible for any promotional discounts, early registration incentives or coupon discounts. Payment differs between each certification programs based on the price of the training packages. Registrants are required to make a down payment equal to 1/3 of the retail price to get registered in the classes. See your details in each program resource pages.

How does the “Installment Payment" Plan work?

You will start with down payment equal to 33% of the retail price for the course (what is included in live classes training package?). The remaining balance is payable in small monthly instalments spread over 11 months that follows. 

Each instalment is charged to your account on the 5th day of every month beginning with the next month after you first enroll. For instance, if you enroll and make your down payment on August 31st, your next payment will be on September 5th. If you make your first down payment any time during September, your next payment will be on October 5th.

The flexibility of the enrollment date and first payment allows you to plan accordingly. The applicable interest rates can vary but will not be more than 23%. The installments are payable and calculated over 11 months period, called the “Contract Term”. A "Instalment Payment Calculator" is attached to the "Loan Application" that gives you the ball-park estimated amount of instalments to expect each month. 

How do I apply for the “Installment Plan” with the Association?

Anyone with a valid Credit Card (with expiry date of not less than 12 months) can apply Online for taking advantage of this facility. You need not be scrutinized with credit checka and there are no pre-approvals required.

The “Loan Application” is available Online 24x7 and the approval” takes less than 24 hours. For questions or inquiries email us at "".

How does the “Application Work Online”?

Student select

Student select "Financing" Option to “Loan Application Form”.

Fill-in Loan Application Online & Submit

Fill-in Loan Application Online & Submit


Receive "Down Payment" Invoice & Loan Agreement PDF

Pay Invoice & Return completed

Pay Invoice & Return completed "Loan Agreement"

Receive Loan Approval & Classes Enrolment in 24 Hours

Receive Loan Approval & Classes Enrolment in 24 Hours

3 Steps to Financing your studies with us

Get Registered at AIRS
Step 1 - Fill-in Online Application
  • Student Selects Enrollment Option will take you to “Loan Application Form”
  • Fill-in Loan Application Form.
  1. Select any class from drop-down
  2. Fill-in all mandatory fields of Information
  3. Submit application
Make Payment
Step 2 - Check your Email
  • You will receive an email after form submission. Verify the email box you have provided by “clicking” on the link in your email.
  • Another email will follow after email confirmation is established. The second email will accompany "Invoice" for making down payment and a "Loan Agreement" to be filed and signed. 
Check your Email
Step 3 - Approval & Enrollment
  • The loan application is processed after receiving completed loan agreement and confirmation that down payment is completed. It takes 24 hours or less to get Loan Application Approval .
  • The approval to the loan is communicated with an email. Your enrolment confirmation to the classes is sent in a seperate email soon after.


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