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Video Marketing World 2019

From Friday, August 23, 2019 -  08:00am
To Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 05:00pm
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Video Marketing World Conference

Aug. 23-24 2019
Dallas Texas

What is Video Marketing World?


Video Marketing World is a 2 day video marketing event whose mission is to provide business professionals and creators the latest and greatest information from world class trainers from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Linkedin. This conference is 100 percent dedicated to helping businesses and business minded people grow their following and earn revenue using video online.


Who is Video Marketing World For?


Almost every savvy business owner knows by now that video is here to stay. Most business owners and social media managers understand that in order to keep up with their competition they need to do video, but many don’t quite know exactly how to do video correctly. Video Marketing World is a conference for businesses who want to know how to create video that gets results. You can expect that upon leaving Video Marketing World, you will have the tools you need to succeed with video. Come and meet the top experts in the industry who have gained millions of followers and billions of views and hear what they have to say.


Come and meet some of the top video influencers in the world. Video Marketing World is a great place to network and form relationships with people just like you…video creators. Come learn how to take your video business, YouTube channel or social media marketing efforts to the next level. You won’t be disappointing.


Why VMW over other conventions?

We have all been to those conferences where the information comes at you like water from a fire hose. You end up running from room to room trying to absorb everything only to feel brain fried and overloaded at the end of the event. Most other conferences book dozens of speakers and give you multiple options for sessions with the idea in mind that more options equal more value. Video Marketing World is different. We have one room, one stage setting with 16 sessions over two days. We bring in the very best in the industry speakers and influencers to deliver purposeful information. You never have to miss a session and you end each day feeling empowered and energized rather than tired and disappointed. Another reason to choose Video Marketing World is that we focus on intimacy and relationship building.We purposefully limit the number of available seats so our guests can ask questions, make friends and learn without feeling like a number.


We are pleased to announce that VMW 2019 has a full lineup of expert speakers representing YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitch. Every speaker will be sharing their tips, tricks and secrets to growing your social media presence with video. This is a “no pitch” event, so you can be certain that each speaker will be giving you actionable information without being sold a product or service.

Some of our Speakers include:

Benton Crane - CEO of Harmon Brothers

Kristen Hills - Six Sisters’ Stuff

Evan Carmichael - 1.8 million subscribers on Youtube

Judi Fox - Linkedin specialist

Tim Schmoyer - Expert YouTube trainer

And many more…


Video Marketing World 2019 will be held at the Double Tree Hilton Iin Richardson, Texas.

We all know that a huge portion of the value that comes from these events happens in the conversations over breakfast in the morning or in lobby hangouts at night. Be where the action is. Stay at the Double Tree.

1981 N Central Expy

Richardson, TX 75080

There are a total of 420 tickets available for this event. When they are gone, they are gone. We will sell out, so be sure to get your ticket before it is too late. 

Location 1981 North Central Expressway Richardson, TX 75080
Contact https://www.eventbrite.com/e/video-marketing-world-2019-tickets-59603416423


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