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14th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Automation of Software Test

Monday, May 27, 2019 Hits : 314  

New: please note that due to several requests, the paper submission deadline has been extended until February 8th (AoE).

Software testing is an integral and important part of the software engineering (SE) discipline. Notwithstanding tremendous progress in automation of software test (AST) practice, progress in AST research is still required. Software systems have become more and more complicated with components developed by different vendors and using different techniques in different programming languages and even running on different platforms.

AST 2019 is the 14th edition of the successful AST series held at ICSE conferences since 2006. It will provide researchers and practitioners with a forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, understanding of the problems, visions for the future, and promising solutions.

Due to logistic constraints, unfortunately this year’s edition of AST will be only a single day workshop, which will have implication on the program and the number of papers we will be able to accept.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to welcome our community and to review, accept, and discuss great papers and talks.

As a novelty, this year we have added industrial abstracts as a new kind of submission.

Test practitioners are especially encouraged to contribute their experiences and insights, choosing between the industrial case study paper or the 2-pages abstract talks.

The special theme of AST 2019 will be Testing and Continuous Deployment.

Continuous deployment has become a major strategy even for large software projects. As one of the main strategies in modern DevOps environments, continuous deployment aims to increase code velocity—the time between making a code change and shipping the change to customers.

At the same time, DevOps and continuous deployment impose heavy constraints onto testing:
(a) testing must be completely automated and act as the last safeguard against customer incidents;
(b) testing should be fast without slowing down code velocity; and
(c) testing is happening within the engineering teams (DevOps) rather than dedicated testing teams.

In other words, test automation may have become more wanted than ever before and we seek contributions to highlight solutions, challenges, and problem statements for test automation in a continuous deployment world.


Location Montreal, Canada
Contact http://ast2019.isti.cnr.it/


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