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3rd Annual Next Generation Libraries 2019

From Wednesday, August 21, 2019
To Thursday, August 22, 2019
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3rd Annual Next Generation Libraries 2019

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Transforming your library through the integration of innovative technologies, flexible space design and business model diversification 

Libraries now need to compete with the vast accessibility of online information. To address this, there has been a shift in library identity. Once a place where books were stored, its role has evolved into a diverse space for study, collaboration, interaction and connecting people and ideas to grow customer interest.

With this in mind, the 3rd Annual Libraries Summit 2019 will delve into the changing landscape of libraries and the growing prominence of digital technologies in implementing transformational change.

Next Generation Libraries Summit 2019 will focus on 3 main areas:


How do you design & retrofit libraries to keep up with customer expectations?


How do you diversify your range of services to improve user experience?


How do you reinvent the role a librarian by up skilling your staff?

Location  Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC
Contact https://www.iqpc.com/events-nextgenerationlibraries


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