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Market Research, Big Data and Machine Learning Come Together in Personcentric Analytics

From Monday, June 04, 2018
To Wednesday, June 06, 2018
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This workshop is part of Parallel 1 Bootcamp (NextGen Methods & Applications) in Day 1 (4 June 2018) of Summer Academy 2018, Amsterdam / 4-6 June

Workshop overview

In this session, you will learn how to use your marketing data tech stack combined with traditional market research to find the right message for the right audience in the right marketing channel (above the line and below the line). No longer do we have to live with siloed views of our customers and prospects. In this session you will learn how to take data and the tools you likely already have used in your company, and combine them together to get an integrated view of what will drive improved marketing ROI.


  • A view of the history and future of person-centric analytics
  • Clear understanding of how you can leverage the combination of traditional market research tools in combination with big data & machine learning to get the support of marketing decision makers
  • Playbook for combining traditional market research and behavioral analytics in your company for a complete view of the customer

Who should attend?

Data scientists looking to connect further with researchers, Chief marketing technologists/VP marketing tech




We will look at the background, history & challenges facing companies as they try to adjust their existing systems to get a clear view of their customers and prospects.


Understanding the situation

  • Overview of how over the past three decades traditional survey research and sales analytics have evolved
  • Introduction to marketing mix modeling & multi-touch attribution
  • Future: creating an always complete view of the customer with personcentric analytics
  • Size the prize - what is really the value to our organisations of personcentric analytics?

Hands on design session

  • Data needed
  • Technology/tools needed
  • Partners who can support
  • Workflow/organisational changes needed

Workshop leaders

James Bayliss

VP Marketing Director Europe 

Andrew Corroll

VP Technology Europe 

Location https://www.esomar.org/events/2018/summer-academy-2018/summer-academy-2018-registration
Contact https://www.esomar.org/events/2018/summer-academy-2018/summer-academy-2018-highlights


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