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Arts Business Research Symposium 2018: APRIL 19-21

From Thursday, April 19, 2018
To Saturday, April 21, 2018
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The Bolz Center for Arts Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in collaboration with The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), and The Arts Institute of UW-Madison present Arts Business Research Symposium 2018:

The Future of Creative Placemaking in Higher Education 2.0

The Bolz Center for Arts Administration is this country's premier MBA program with a specialized educational focus that links arts and business practice. Every other year, we invite our alumni, guest presenters, and practitioners, as well as our colleagues at other university programs to come back to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for continued learning on current topics and trends in the arts and business research arena. 

In the alternate years, we have shared this symposium learning space with the Herberger Institute's PAVE Program at Arizona State University through their Biennial Symposium on Entrepreneurship and the Arts. In 2016-17, the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), and the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP), joined the Bolz Center to conduct research, market studies and offer programming through research and survey report outs at national convenings.

This year's #ABRS@BOLZ topic revisits our 2016 Symposium research question, centered around the identification and articulation of teaching, study, and practice of Creative Placemaking in America's institutions of Higher Education.  In preparation for this year's symposium, the Bolz Center, in collaboration with a2ru and Blackbaud™, created and launched The HUB for Creative Placeamaking in Higher Education, a resource site aimed at academics who are interested in finding cases, toolkits, and funding resources to launch or perpetuate their own work.

The #ABRS@BOLZ gathering will again focus on a convening of academics, students, and community leaders to discuss the interdisciplinary nature of Creative Placemaking with regard to the future scholarship and research that should be nurtured and promoted within higher education, while simultaneously finding ways to practice collaboratively across sectors, and alongside the communities we serve. Funding programs and consortiums such as the NEA Our Town grant and ArtPlace America continue to propel the work of artists and their communities into a national spotlight.  

But with the eventual sunsetting of ArtPlace America in 2020 and the relative unpredictability of other funding programs, our 2018 symposium builds upon the last two years of partner convenings on Creative Placemaking by re-engaging with the questions below.

The questions we continue to probe and engage with you include:

What is the state of Creative Placemaking 8+ years into the practice?

What are regional examples of success stories generated by artists and communities that have benefited from investment in their initiatives? How have universities been involved?

How/Are universities participating in, studying, or teaching this practice, and what colleges or departments on-campus (and organizations off-campus) are partnering to deliver this learning?

How will this work continue and be supported when these robust funding initiatives end?

What is the academy's role in ensuring a space and capacity for continued research, teaching, and promotion of this type of collaborative, interdisciplinary practice as a field of study, a training ground for future placemakers, and a recognized area of scholarship? 

Join us as we explore these questions and ideas around Creative Placemaking's place in higher education.

Who Is Invited?
Scholars and teachers from around the country with a special invitation to the member schools of the Alliance for Arts in Research Universities (a2ru).

Guest speakers from ArtPlace America, and guest presenters from regional arts organizations and their communities who have been early adopters of the Creative Placemaking practice.

Current graduate or undergraduate students across the country who are interested in the creative economy and Creative Placemaking as a practice. 10 Bolz Center MBA students are confirmed to participate in ABRS 2018.

University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty and academic staff who have been practicing and teaching themes of arts and artists as core to community development and rejuvenation.

Bolz Center alumni and external advisory board members. The Bolz Center has 18 organizations represented on its board with a spectrum of arts and cultural affiliations across the country.

Curious-minded government and business professionals who recognize the power and impact of the arts to affect positive change and development of neighborhoods, cities and regions, and who want to find ways to participate!

Anyone else! Everyone is welcome to register and participate in ABRS 2018!
Why Should I Attend?
Learn more about the direction that Creative Placemaking is taking community development efforts in this country and learn how your organization/community might incorporate these strategies.

Understand the current position that Creative Placemaking holds in represented American universities and discuss the future expectations and opportunities that the Academy can employ with Creative Placemaking strategies around community development efforts.

Participate in a national convening that could provide future guidance for sustainable efforts to support educational training and scholarship in Creative Placemaking.

Poster Session Presentations
Since the panels and workshop sessions at ABRS are curated and not open to application, we have made space and time for a poster session to share your enterprise ideas, research, or consulting project insights from your academic or practice area experience. Rather than a formal presentation, a poster session allows you to create a visual representation of your project that acts as speaker support for your face-to-face, individual conversations with other attendees. This is NOT a pitch session, but rather an idea-sharing, networking session. Anyone is welcome to participate (i.e. this is not limited to students).

There are no limiting topic criteria for the poster display. However, the poster should be no larger than 40x40 inches. There will be no area for computerized projections of video or powerpoint displays. (posters only, please!)

If you wish to participate in the poster session, please indicate so on your registration, and then send an email message to Bolz Center Assistant Director Becky Buckman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your poster session title, and specify whether it is a proposed enterprise, research project/question, or a consulting insight. The deadline for poster session registration is APRIL 1, 2018. We will only guarantee space for the first 5 attendees or groups who request to participate.

Location University of Wisconsin-Madison | Madison, WI
Contact https://abrsatbolz.org/


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