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Advance Google Search - Building Complex Web Search Queries with Google Operators

Sunday, April 08, 2018, 10:30am - 05:30pm
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Time Zone: Ontario, Canada - EST

Designed for anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool to find reliable data and most relevant information, both, quickly and with high accuracy - And, need Advanced Web Search Skills.

Areas Covered In This Webinar

Reading Search Engine Result Pages [SERP] & Web-page Links (Session 1) 02:45 Hrs

  1. How to read "Search Engine Result Pages"?
  2. How to read Search Engine "Snippet"?
  3. What is the Structure of URL's or Hyperlinks and How to read Web Page Links?
  4. How researchers can “Evaluate Reliability Value of a Web Page with Hyperlink”?

Advance Online Search Techniques & Research Methods (Session 2) 03:00 Hrs

  1. What are the different Internet Information Retrieval Techniques?
  2. How to build an Effective Keyword and Phrase Search Queries?
  3. How does a search engine read a Search Query Intent of user's Keywords Phrase?
  4. What are different Types of Search Queries?
  5. How to perform Advanced Google Search with Boolean Operators?

Q and A with Participants (Session 3) 00:30 Hr

  • Interactive Quiz
  • Handouts Distribution


  • FREE Training Material
  1. Advance Online Search Techniques & Research Methods
  2. 3 books image advance google searchReading Search Engine Result Pages [SERP] & Web-page Links
  3. Browser Adjustments & Personalization for Online Research
  • A Digital Certificate – Certificate of Attendance
  • Includes Two $100 Value E-Books for FREE.
  1. List of Specialized Search Engines and Online Data Sources [Over 1500 Search Engines].
  2. Directory of Internet Information Resources [Over 100 Pages and Over 5000 Links].

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