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‘TEF what next ….?’ A HE SIG themed seminar

Friday, March 16, 2018, 10:00am - 03:30pm
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This seminar event is aimed at anyone currently working in higher education as it explores the impact of the Teaching Excellence Framework on individual lecturers, students, partners and managers.

The TEF has a wide and growing variety of policy objectives as part of the Government’s marketisation agenda, including: to better inform students’ choice about what and where to study; to raise the esteem of teaching (and recognise and reward excellence in teaching); and to widen participation. This seminar will aim to unpick many of the assumptions behind the TEF and ponder: ‘what next?’.

We have attracted nine excellent papers from colleagues working across the sector in a variety of roles who offer different perspectives on a range of issues related to TEF, which we have broadly organised into the following themes: the impact of TEF on diversity, staff and on institutions themselves. In particular we hope the seminar will give delegates the chance to explore and discuss the impact of TEF on pedagogies and specific institutional behaviours pertaining to quality and development.

The final session of the day will bring our contributors together for a Panel Discussion focused around the main theme: TEF: what next ….? and chaired by Amanda French and Colin McCaig

10.00 Registrations and refreshments
10.30 Welcome and introductions
10.45 Introductory Remarks: Problematising the Assumptions Behind the Teaching Excellence Framework
Colin McCaig and Amanda French
  Strand 1 – Diversity Strand 2 – Impact on Staff
11.15 TEF and Holistic Approaches to Teaching and Learning for Student Wellbeing
Graeme Pedlingham
An Investigation into the impact of Higher Education Policy: the Teaching Excellence Framework. A single case
Halina Harvey
11.45 Why inter-culturality needs to make a ‘Gold’ university? International students and the TEF
Aneta Hayes
Meeting the Challenges of TEF: Repositioning CPD as an Outward-Looking Endeavour
Deborah Ralls
12.15 Engaged university, community based learning, and a way towards integrated impact
Sanja Djerasimovic
Does the TEF threaten academic job security and identity?
Helen Lees
12.45 Lunch
  Strand 3 – Institutional Impact of the TEF
13.30 Talking Ourselves into Gold: a discourse analysis of TEF provider submissions 
Ben Kotzee and Adam Matthews
14.00 A case study of TEF driven change in a post-92 urban HEI
Jan Bamford
14.30 Plenary discussion and closing remarks
15.15 Completion of evaluation forms
15.30 End of event
Location Birmingham City University
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