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The ethics of educational leadership research

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 09:30am - 03:30pm
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Researching educational leadership can raise particular ethical challenges such as:

  •  How can the effects of power imbalances in professional relationships be recognized by researchers and mitigated against?
  •  How can participants be offered confidentiality when focusing on leadership roles which can easily identify individuals?
  •  How can dual professional and academic responsibilities be met by leaders researching in close-to-practice studies?

Such issues might relate to ethical dimensions of the use of methods for data collection which are similar to methods used in the leadership of a school, for example surveys and observation. We will consider the risks and how all concerned can be protected, whilst not forgetting to reflect on how the benefits of educational leadership research can be maximized.

This event will reflect on the ethicality of educational leadership research in relation to the launch of a special issue of Management of Education journal, which focused on research methods for educational leadership, and the launch of the revised BERA ethical guidelines. We will discuss the application of the ethical guidelines to a range of educational leadership research, reflecting on a range of research approaches.  

09.30 Registration, refreshments and welcome
10.00 The ethical challenges of researching educational leadership 
Azumah Dennis, Open University
10.30 Reflection on the MiE special issue to highlight some key ethical issues pertinent to educational leadership research 
Deb Outhwaite, Warwick University; Mishel Moriah, Aberdeen University; Val Poultney, Derby University; and Alison Fox, Open University
11.00 Table discussion reviewing research approaches to identify issues and explore options
11.30 Hot drinks provided during discussions
12.00 Presentation on the BERA ethical guideline revisions
Jodie Pennacchia, Nottingham University and Alison Fox, Open University 
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Workshop to support discussion and application of the ethical guidelines to some educational leadership research scenarios to identify options and decision-making
14.45 Plenary and closure
15.25 Completion of evaluation forms
15.30 End of meeting


Location The Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA United Kingdom
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