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Social Media Search Techniques & Learn How to Spot “Fake” Profile, News & Videos

Saturday, February 24, 2018, 11:00am - 02:00pm
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Time Zone: Ontario, Canada - EST

“Learn "Social Media Search" techniques and research methods, how the search queries are built and applied in real research work?. Learn how to spot "Fake" Profiles and Internet Marketer Accounts. Find out how you can track "Online Stalkers" lurking in Social Media?. You will get introduced to the Legalities and Ethical practices in use today that affects "Online Researched Information Collection" and its use for research by an Online Researcher? “

Webinar Speaker: Mr. Manzoor is the CEO of AIRS. He is the author and course developer for CIRS Certification. He has a lengthy career in IT and technology development, with especial interest in Search Engines Algorithms Development and Search Engine’s Indexing. He has double Masters in Software Dev and Networking areas. Besides writing the course, Manzoor is an avid writer and research consultant in Semantic and Contextual AI Technology of Search Engines.

Areas Covered In This Social Media Search, Data Collection & Account Verification Webinar

  • How to use Social Media Data as Predictive Tool for Decisions Making?
  • Where to find useful Social Media Data on Facebook and LinkedIn?
  • How to Find Hidden Profiles on Social Networks?
  • How to Detect "Fake" user accounts and identify "Marketers Accounts" in Social Networks?
  • How to Build Social Media Search Queries?
  • What are the various Specialized Tools for Social Media Search and User Verifications?


  • FREE Training Material Social Media Search, Data Collection & Account Verification + Training PowerPoint Slides 
  • A Digital "Certificate of Attendance" Included
  • Get all three (3) $150 Value E-Books Published by AIRS for FREE.
  1. List of Specialized Search Engines and Online Data Sources [Over 1500 Search Engines - Updated 2018].
  2. Directory of Internet Information Resources [Over 100 Pages, 5000+ Data Links].
  3. Training Books on "Social Media Search, Data Collection & Account Verifications"

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  • NOTE: Certificate will be issued only upon satisfactory completion of the terms and requirements of the course completion. All documents, books, the material will be available within 3 days after the completion of the course. We will not be able to provide the recording of lectures for re-runs and reviewing. 

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