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Social Media Research Summit

Thursday, February 16, 2017 Hits : 523  

Social media offers brands and organisations a fast track to the hearts and minds of customers. This conference will showcase some of the most creative and resourceful new thinking that allows for effective communications and transactions.

If you want to get closer to customers and make sense of their interactions, this conference will help you separate the signal from the noise.

Learn how insight is being maximized and energized through social media – and listen in as techniques are shared.

The conference will offer you a concentrated day of intelligence, practical advice, debate and strategy. Whether you are an insight professional, or a brand manager, this event will help equip you to face the considerable challenges, and reap the considerable benefits, of using social media to better understand your customers.

  • How can social media insights be successfully placed against real world conversations?
  • What are the real secrets of viral success?
  • What is Twystery shopping and how can it help brands?
  • How can social fingerprinting offer you a truer picture of customers?
  • How can you tap into valuable cultural networks through social media?
  • How can social media be used to prove a research hypothesis?
  • How can brands improve social media listening strategies?
  • How can diverse social media sources be drawn together into a unified and coherent whole?

This interactive conference will allow you the time and space to examine some of the profound strategic and technical issues facing us all in trying to harness social media for the benefit of understanding.

Join us for a day that could change the way you interact, understand and transact with customers.

Participants include:

  • BDRC Continental
  • Cassidy Media Partnership
  • Firefish
  • HSBC
  • IPG Mediabrands
  • Kantar Media
  • Keller Fay
  • MediaCom
  • Populus
  • Pulsar
  • The Answer
  • Twitter

More Information :https://www.mrs.org.uk/event/conferences/social-media-research-summit/course/5072/id/12312


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