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Copyright Solutions for the Digital Age (CCM400) -- Session 3 2016

Thursday, May 05, 2016, 01:00pm - 02:30pm
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This online course covers copyright issues relating to digital content and social media. The aim of CCM400 is to introduce librarians and other non-lawyers to the global and domestic copyright and licensing issues that arise when using digital content and social media tools. Because we have participants from around the world in this course, we aim to teach relevant principles in copyright law (with some emphasis on U.S. copyright law) and licensing issues on a global basis. Wherever you live and work, you'll get value from this course. Topics covered include:

  • copyright protection in digital v. traditional works
  • digital works that are protected
  • determining whether a digital work is protected by copyright
  • ownership of online content
  • ownership of user-generated content
  • existing laws that deal with digital copyright issues
  • defining "electronic rights"
  • licenses (for digital works) v. assignments of copyright
  • digital licensing overview (Note: CCM600 deals with how to work with digital license agreements)
  • the role of a written digital license policy
  • copyright treatment of specific digital uses of content including scanning/digitizing; online content; manipulating digital images; file-sharing; electronic reserves and online course material; teaching online/distance education; e-mail; linking; framing; discussions lists such as listservs, bulletin boards and newsgroups; browsing; caching; blogs; news feeds; downloading; printing; e-transfer; e-archiving, digital libraries and digital library projects; digital databases of articles; internal v. external uses; wikis; user-generated content; and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

digital rights management (DRM)
the future of digital copyright

Learn more at: https://www.sla.org/learn/certificate-programs/cert-copyright-mgmt/ccm400-digital-content-and-social-media-copyright-issues/





Location Philadelphia
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