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There’s a Fungus Among Us! Fighting Mold in Library and Archive Collections

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Hits : 379  

Mold spores are always present, even in the cleanest of spaces. When too much moisture is present, due to a water leak or a poorly functioning HVAC system, mold outbreaks can occur. As it grows, mold attacks and weakens leather, cloth, and paper, and often causes permanent staining. Some molds also make people sick. How can collections staff stop mold from growing? And what should they do when they find it?  This workshop will explain the environmental factors that allow mold to grow. It will also discuss how to identify mold, how to protect people from health hazards associated with mold, and how to stop mold from spreading within a collection. Attendees will learn how to clean moldy books and papers, and when to call a conservator or a professional cleaning company. 

Location Philadelphia, PA
Contact Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)
URL: http://www.ccaha.org/education/program-calendar/2015/04/21/there-s-a-fungus-among-us-fighting-mold-in-library-and-archive-collections-philadelphia-pa


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