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Library Leaders Summit 2015

From Monday, April 27, 2015 -  09:45am
To Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 06:00pm
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Making an Impact & Proving Value

Assessing and communicating value continue to be challenging for all library leaders and decision makers. Traditional input and output performance measures no longer provide sufficient understanding, if they ever did, of how to determine and communicate the value of our libraries to the funding stakeholders in our communities, campuses, corporations, and governments. The Library Leaders Summit is an interactive, intimate experience for senior managers and leaders to discuss new options, including the use of outcome measures with colleagues and industry experts. During the sessions, directors and top managers are exposed to some exciting new projects to develop outcome measures that matter to decision makers.

The theme of this year’s summit is Making an Impact & Proving Value. It explores a number of models and tools and shares current research and practices of different libraries and communities.

Joe Matthews
Author, Ambient Value:
The Key to the Future Library     
Rebecca Jones
Dysart & Jones Associates


Location Washington Hilton 1919 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington, DC 20009
Contact Joe Matthews, Rebecca Jones
URL : http://www.librarysummit.com/DC2015/Register.aspx


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