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15th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM 2014)

From Thursday, September 04, 2014
To Friday, September 05, 2014
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"Knowledge management has emerged in the last two decades as a key activity for value creation and as well as for economic and social organizational memory building. Culture and organizational learning, supported by modern information and communication technologies, are responsible for multiple knowledge leverage processes, which when properly managed contribute to dynamic organizational sustainability. These and other related topics will be discussed and explored at 15th European Conference on Knowledge Management this year, which is being hosted by the School of Management and Technology of Polytechnic Institute of Santarém,. It will be an excellent opportunity to leverage our knowledge, to share our experiences and to reinforce our academic and scientific networks."

Location Santarém, Portugal
Contact Sponsor/Organizer: Academic Conferences & Publishing International
URL: http://academic-conferences.org/eckm/eckm2014/eckm14-home.htm


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