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Corey Parker

When you’re forking over a fortune for the latest iPhone, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is paying even more for “what if” scenarios. But cracking your iPhone screen is bound to happen. Trust me: Happy hour drinks and uneven pavement do not mix.

But how much should it really cost to fix a cracked iPhone screen? In a perfect world, nothing.

In this world: Damaged iPhones have cost Americans $10.7 billion since 2007, according to a study done in 2014 by SquareTrade, which is — full disclosure — a company that provides warranties for iPhones and iPads.

Outside of warranty, repairing your cracked iPhone screen will typically cost $129 to $149 if you get it fixed by Apple.

Don’t have an emergency fund you could use to pay that $100+ fee? You should!

Just like with health or home insurance, it is much better to be financially prepared when disaster strikes. Think of it as a “peace of mind” payment; even if you never end up using it, you can rest easy to know that you’re covered.

The case for AppleCare+

Whether it’s for a plane ticket or a new sound system, you’ve probably been asked, “would you like to purchase insurance with that?”

With your iPhone, get that insurance, or else you might be asking “new phone, who dis?” earlier than you might like.

I’ve cracked my iPhone screen probably eight times in my life, and almost every twentysomething I know has shattered their screen at least once. I didn’t splurge for AppleCare+, and I’ve felt all types of #regrets.

I’ve gotten my screen replaced for $120 and up, and constantly question the quality of the replacement screens, as they seem to be crack even when gingerly dropped. After reaching out to my social network about where they get their screens replaced, most people touted AppleCare+ as the best screen saviors.

“If you’re willing to pay more upfront at purchase, I’d go with AppleCare+,” says Luke Villapaz, who has used it in the past. “It’s a great option if you’re catastrophically clumsy with your phone. … not so great if you’re the type that straight up loses their phone often.”


While every iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage as part of its limited warranty, AppleCare+ from Apple extends that coverage for two years and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage, with a service fee of $29 for screen damage or $99 for any other damage.

This is definitely a deal worth taking advantage of if you know you’ll be dropping your phone at least once in the next three years. And TBH, you probably will.

Currently, AppleCare+ can be bought for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for $129 when you purchase your new iPhone. It can also be bought within 60 days of your iPhone purchase.

Don’t forget; if you’re dropping a lot of cash on a new smartphone, make sure to really maximize your money by using a cash back credit card.

Protect what you have

Of course, it’s always smartest to protect your screen to prevent it from cracking in the first place!

Personally, I use Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. You can get one for as low as $6, and they really do a great job at preventing scratches and small cracks. ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protectors also come highly recommended. For an iPhone 7, prices start at $14.99 and go up to $49.99.

“Once you buy one they’ll replace them for free you just have to pay shipping. I’ve probably gotten 10 from them,” says Tori Sellers, an avid ZAGG user. “You just have to send the cracked one back to them in an envelope they provide that already has postage.”

Source : bankrate.com


Watching movies online had to be simpler, but finding out best movie sites, downloading movies for free and then watching them offline is a quite time-consuming process. But we are in an era when we don’t have so much time. So how to watch and enjoy your favorite movies? Thanks to some free movie watching websites that allow you to watch free movies online without downloading, and make it possible for you.

Watching full-length HD movies for free online is something that everyone of us enjoys. Because watching movies is a great recreational activity that releases our stress and tension. Movies are great means of entertainment that teach us lots of lessons in a very light way. Whenever new movies release, spending money to watch a movie in the theater is something everyone hates. Therefore, we have seen a trend of watching movies online without downloading.

No matter, whether you prefer to watch movies online or offline. But once you start watching movies online, you’ll certainly become a fan of online movie watching. After all, downloading movies just for the sake of watching offline is time-consuming.

So do you want to know the best sites to watch free movies online without downloading?

Then, you are surely at the right place as here; you’ll get a list of as many as 57 Best Movie Watching Sites, where you can watch free movies online without downloading.

53+ Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Watching movies online is easy. The list, which I’m going to share below contains 57+ best movie watching sites where you can visit and watch high-quality movies for free in high definition [HD]. No matter, whether you wish to watch movie online on your Desktop PC [Windows, Linux, etc.], Mac [OS X], Smartphone [Android, Windows, Blackberry], iPhone or iPad – these sites are accessible from everywhere.

All you need to have is a good internet [Check your internet speed now] connection which is fast enough to let you stream movies quickly. Just, visit the provided link here, or just copy and paste the URL of free movie websites and choose your desired latest movie from newly released movies list and play them to start watching online.

1. Internet Archive Movies – Download and Stream Movies

With internet archive movies, you may download or watch free movies online without downloading. It also allows you to watch films and videos online from its vast collection of movies, songs, etc. in its free library.


You may also contribute to internet archive movies as well as download movies or video clips uploaded by other archive users for free.

2. YouTube Movies

YouTube is one of the largest video portals on the web where you may watch free video clips, TV shows, movies, etc. online. There is a dedicated section for the movie lover – known as “YouTube Movies.”


Though not all of YouTube Movies are free and some of the movies are available to watch only if you pay the price, there are a huge number of movies available to watch for free. Thus, YouTube can be a great place to watch free movies online without downloading, though with limitations.

3. Crackle – Watch Full Length Streaming Movies

If you want to watch free movies online without downloading, Crackle is one of the best movie streaming sites to do so. Start by creating a free account on Crackle, and you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited full length streaming movies for free. You may search movies of your choice using the search bar as it has a huge number of movies in its database. You may also add them to your watch list.


Depending upon various genre movies can be sorted quickly. Crackle is also a perfect movie portal when it comes to watching free TV shows online.

4. Movies Found Online – Free Movies and Documentaries

On Movies Found Online, you may find movies of various categories online. Whether you want to watch old cult classic movies or new latest released movies – everything is available here.


They also feature short films, documentaries, animations, and series & shows and more importantly, all of these are found freely online here.

5. Popcornflix – Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Action, comedy, drama, horror, romance, thriller, family-kids, short-documentary, Sci-fi – no matter whatever you wish to watch, Popcornflix has everything for you. You may also sort movies based on categories like new arrivals, most popular, staff picks and genres.


Watching movies and TV shows is fun with Popcornflix as with its powerful movies search engine you have got the power to find movies of your choice within few seconds.

6. Classic Cinema Online – Watch Silent Movies of Old Days

Either search through movies billboards like animated, comedy, documentary, drama, action, mystery, romance, sci-fi, etc. or select your favorite TV shows based on genres.


You may also watch silent films of early days. Overall, if you love watching classic movies of the old days, then Classic Cinema Online is a great portal for you.

7. Top Documentary Films – Watch Free Documentaries Online

Top Documentary Films is the place where you can browse documentaries from the massive documentary list using the search box. You may also sort documentaries based on various categories.


If you sign up for their documentary newsletter, you’ll be instantly notified about the new contents added in the Top Documentary Films.

8. Public Domain Torrents – Free Movies Torrents

Public Domain Torrents are the free movie torrents where you may download classic movies and B-Movies for free. These torrents allow you to browse movies uploaded in the public domain to be used in your projects for free.


With the public domain torrents, you may also search movies Torrents with PDA iPod Divx PSP Versions easily and efficiently without any issue.

9. Viewster – Watch Original Free Movies and TV Shows Instantly Online

Viewster is one of the best online video services where you may watch free movies and TV shows online. The best thing about Viewster is that it contains all of movies in high definition [HD] in its database and the number of available movies is enormous.


Search from the search box or browse through genres like action, comedy, drama, horror, romance, sci-fi, etc. You may also categorize movies based on actors. Bollywood movies, trailers, as well as Korean drama, can also be viewed.

10. IMDb – Movies, TV, and Celebrities

IMDb is a great movie portal that offers ways to search latest movies, TV shows and showtimes, etc. You may use the IMDb search engine for browsing movies, TV shows, celebrities, actors, etc. to know about them.


IMDb also keeps you updated with the latest movie news, upcoming trailers, celebrity news, movie and theater tickets, TV news and much more.

11. Hulu – Free TV Shows and Movies

Hulu is one of the best movies streaming sites in the United States. Unfortunately, the video library of Hulu is not available for people residing outside the US. But they certainly have a huge number of movies in their database with ultimate high definition picture quality.


Though watching movies on Hulu is not completely free as they offer various membership packages as per your requirements. But the 30-days free trial is enough to try and watch their quality video services.

12. RetroVision – Collection of Classic Movies

At RetroVision, you may find the collection of public domain classic movies of the old days and links to classic legal videos. Retrovision allows you to categorize classic movies based on genres.


You may also find beautiful classic documentaries and TV Shows of early days. Subscribe by email to get notifications about newly added documentaries and classic movies.

13. iMovieTube – Watch Free Movies

With iMovieTube, you have got slightly advantage as you have control over all the genres that include action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, film noir, Hindi, history, horror, Korean, musical/instrumental, mystery, romance, sci-fi, short, sport, thriller, war, western etc.


You may also search for movies in their movie search box. However, the best thing is you don’t have to go somewhere else as iMovieTube also has a section to watch movies in HD.

14. Free Streaming Movies

Free Streaming Movies allows you to watch latest movies as well as older movies of your choice. Though they don’t have an enormous number of movies in their database yet the picture quality of their movies makes them perfect movie site.


You may either search through movie search box from the top right corner or browse through various categories like most popular movies, top rated movies, random movies, movies by year or movies by alphabet from A-Z.

15. Watch Movie Stream – Watch Full Movies, Trailers & Clips

With Watch Movie Stream you may watch latest released movies, top box office movies, etc. quickly. When you land on their homepage, they show many latest released and top movies. Depending upon your choice, you may select any of the movies, and with just a single click you’ll be able to watch online movies.


For older movies that are not on their homepage, either search from their movies search engine or select from various categories and genres.

16. WatchOnline-Movies – Megashare Noobroom

WatchOnine-Movies not only let you watch movies of your choice but also TV shows that you love. You may sort movies based on genres like action, adventure, animation, comedy, drama, horror, romance, thriller, sci-fi, etc. as well as based on categories like latest uploaded, most viewed, popularity, etc.


Search from the powerful movie search engine and sign up for free to save movies in your playlists to watch them later. The TV shows can also be chosen based on various genres and categories.

17. FreeMoviesOnline.cc

Free Movies Online has quite similar design and user-interface to Free Streaming Movies. The categories based on years, most popular movies, random movies, etc. everything is similar.


Also, the genres and movie search engine bar is similar. I doubt over their identity, whether they are managed by the same person or different. No matter whatever be the case, but you have got another useful movie streaming site to watch movies for free.

18. FreeOnlineMovies.cc

Again FreeOnlineMovies.cc is the same movie site of FreeMoviesOnline.cc which means three identical movie websites. Almost everything [design, layouts, colors, navigation, categories, search box, etc. ] is similar to each other.


But what you get is another useful movie streaming site where you may watch free movies online without downloading.

19. IceFilmsTube – Free Streaming Movies

IceFilmTube is another free online movie platform where you may easily find out various types of movies based on genres like action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, horror, romance, sci-fi, thriller as well as TV shows.


The users can also upload their videos or movies to IceFilmsTube. For this, you’ll have to create a free account which would also be helpful in saving your playlist to watch the videos later.

20. Movies-Online.cc – Watch Movies Online for Free

Whether you browse movies by genres or sort movies by years of release, you’ll easily be able to find out top rated movies, most popular movies, latest released movies as well as top movie sites.


With Movies-Online.cc, you may also search through the movie search engine as well as the random movies section is there to surprise you with random picks.

21. Streaming-Movies – Watch Free Movies in Streaming

Streaming-Movies is one of the best movie sites to watch HD movies online. It has a huge collection of movies in its database as you may easily find out 70-80 years old movies also by browsing through movies by year section. However, this doesn’t mean they compromise with new movies.


Latest movies that were released a few days back can also be found. Moreover, you may browse movies based on genres like action, comedy, drama, horror, romance, thriller, etc. You may also watch new video clips in other languages.

22. IwannaWatch – Watch Movies Online Free

Whether you want to watch action movies, animated movies, comedy movies, crime movies, drama movies, horror movies, romantic movies, thriller movies, sci-fi movies or any other genre-based movies – IWannaWatch is the place for you.


You may either browse for movies of your choice using the movie search box or categorized them based on categories like most voted movies, most viewed movies, etc.

23. Just Click to Watch – Watch Movies Online for Free

Just Click to Watch is a powerful online movie search engine where you may search and find movies of your choice. Though they do not host any of the movie files on their server, when you search they come up with useful results so that you may easily watch movies based on different genres, countries, languages, etc. You may also watch 3D movies.


They refer to third party movie websites containing links to sites like Vodlocker, YouTube, Putlocker, Dailymotion, filenuke, Vidxden, Novamov, Nowvideo, Sockshare, Billionuploads, Allmyvideos, Sharesix, Megavideo, Gorillavid, Thefile, MovShare, Muchshare, Mightyupload, Clicktowatch, Bestreams, Vidzi, Flashx, DivxStage, Promptfile, Videoweed, ShareRepo, Vidbux, Vidbull, Vidto, Nosvideo, Movreel, Youwatch, Videomega, Picasa, Videozed and many more..

24. Vumoo – Watch Free Movies Online

At Vumoo, you may categorize movies based on genres and categories like newly released movies, recently added movies, action movies, comedy movies, romantic movies, horror movies, etc. With a single click, you may switch to TV shows and watch TV shows online.


You may also create a free account to save movies in your playlist to watch them later. The movies search box lets you browse movies by entering the movie’s name, actors name or genres.

25. VKFLIX – Watch VK Movies

VKFLIX is where you may watch latest released new movies as well as popular movies online. It has a huge number of movies in its database which is frequently updated. Moreover, all the movies are available in HD. To make it easier for you to find your desired movies, search bar does the work for you.


Watching free online movies at sites like VKFLIX is simpler than you think as there are some movies listed on the homepage and with a single click you may start watching your favorite movies.

26. SolarMovie – Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

Just input movie name, keyword or year in movies search engine of Solar Movies and hit enter – what you’ll get is a list of your favorite movies that you wish to watch. Whether you prefer to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, there is a dedicated section for you.


You may sort movies based on genres like classic, action, adventure, animation, comedy, drama, horror, romance, sci-fi, thriller, etc. as well as categorize them on popularity, latest release date, etc.

27. Veoh – Watch Movies Online for Free

Search for TV shows, movies, animations, documentary, music, channels, and much more using the powerful Veoh search engine and watch them for free. You may also create a free account and save movies, TV Shows, video clips, music, etc. – whatever you wish in your watch list.


The groups and forums available at Veoh also let you hang out in the community and upload your videos to share with other community members.

28. FreeFullMovies – Free Movie Downloads, MP4, Tablet (Android), Apple (Safari)

FreeFullMovies also has a huge number of movies in their database which is frequently updated. The homepage itself contains a good number of HD movies that you may watch online for free.


Browsing movies of your choice at FreeFullMovies is easier as you can sort them alphabetically or by years as well as based on categories like Divx movies, flash movies, most popular movies, etc. Download movies section lets you download them – just in case you love watching offline.

29. TubePlus – Watch Movies and Download TV Shows Online

At TubePlus, the users rate the movies by providing them star ranking points and the one which has maximum points is placed on the homepage as trending movies. Thus, it is quite easier for you to find out popular and trending movies to watch.


TubePlus lets you watch unlimited movies and download TV shows online. You may also use movie search engine for finding the movies by names or popular genres etc.

30. Los Movies – Watch HD and 3D Movies Online

Los Movies has got every feature of a perfect movie site. At Los Movies you may watch most popular movies, latest movies, movies in HD, 3D movies, newly released latest movies as well as movies with English subtitles.


You may search movies using movies search bar as well as categorize them by genres, countries, actors, directors, top movie lists and alphabetically or numerically.


31. Cool Movie Zone – Watch Cool Movies Online

Cool Movie Zone is a cool place to watch free movies online without downloading. You may browse through various categories to watch featured movies, latest movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Telugu movies as well as movies in other multiple languages.


If you wish to get information about the upcoming movies, then you should consider registering for a free account that notifies you about upcoming movies via email as well as allows you to stream all videos in high definition picture quality.

32. Movies Planet – Watch Movies and TV Shows in HD

Movie Planet is a fantastic place for all movie lovers as it allows you to watch free movies online without downloading. It allows you to watch movies as well as TV shows – everything in HD. They have a huge number of movies and TV shows, video clips in their database, and they are continually adding the new one.


You may also register for a free account to save latest movies, featured movies and random movies in your watch list. Creating an account helps you to hang out and chat with other community members.

33. Free Movies Cinema – Watch Free Movies Online

Free Movies Cinema is one of the oldest movie streaming sites to watch free movies online without downloading. It has been online since 2006. Though it has a limited number of movies in its database as compared to other movie sites listed here, perhaps it is because it believes in quality rather than quantity.


You may categorize movies based on genres, popularity, and date of release. Also, a search box is there to help you in finding movies of your choice.

34. MegaShare – Watch Full Movies Online for Free

Megashare is one of the latest entries in the list of best movie streaming sites to watch free movies online without downloading. Since the site is comparatively new and therefore it has a limited number of movies in its database. But the reason why I’m listing it, here is that it has all latest movies in HD.


So if you wish to watch single movies, series movies or latest movies in high-definition, then Megashare is the perfect movie streaming portal for you.

35. Bioskops – Free Movie Provider

Bioskops is free movie providing an online portal that contains lots of popular and latest released movies. Just browse through their movies search bar on the top right corner, and you’ll be able to find out your desired movies quickly.


There are many categories based on genres like action, comedy, drama, horror, romance, thriller, etc. using which you may sort movies quickly. However, the annoying pop-up ads may sometimes annoy you.

36. PrimeWire – Watch Just Added Movies Online for Free

PrimeWire has almost every kind of movies available in its database as movies are not only added by webmasters, but users are also allowed to upload movies and video clips. At PrimeWire, you may search movies of your choice using the movie search box.


Whether you want to watch movies, TV shows or listen to free music online – PrimeWire is the comprehensive portal. Also, you may chat and discuss with other community members in the forums.

37. Just Moviez – Watch Online Movies for Free

No matter whether you are a hardcore fan of the latest movies or love to watch TV serials, Just Moviez has everything for you. Action, comedy, drama, horror, romance – almost every genre that you enjoy watching as well as you may sort movies based on popularity, time of release, etc.

TV shows are also frequently updated. You may also get useful information like releasing date of movies, actors, directors, reviews, viewers comments, upcoming movies, and trailers, etc. Overall, Just Moviez has been the perfect place to watch free movies online without downloading.

38. Snag Films – Full Movies and TV Shows Online

Just enter Snag Films free online movie portal and start discovering movies of your choice. There are a huge number of movies available from various genres like action, animation, comedy, drama, horror, romance, thriller, sci-fi, etc.


Different sections like now trending, just added, new from SnagFilms, etc. are also worth exploring. Also, the search box is so powerful, and it contains more than 10,000 movies.

39. Vidics – Free Online Films

Whether you want to watch high-quality free movies, TV shows, video clips or just want to get information about top movies, top TV shows or celebrity news – Vidics is the perfect place for you to watch free movies online without downloading.


Search using the top search bar and get links for watching free movies as well as news about movies and celebrities. You may also categorize movies and TV-shows based on genres.

40. Yidio – Discover Where to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Yidio is a Free service that allows you to search, discover, personalize and watch TV Shows & Movies across Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and hundreds of other providers in one place.


At Yidio, you may also read the latest news about movies, TV shows, and celebrities. It is also available as Android and iOS app – just in case if you want to watch free movies online without downloading on your iPhone or Android smartphone – tablets, etc.

41. Yify – Watch Online Movies Free

Yify – also known as Yify Tv is a powerful movie streaming portal where you may watch thousands of free movies online in HD Quality and faster than others.


So just enjoy all the movies you want instantly for free on Yify. The latest released movies, popular movies, top 250+ movies, movies based on genres, etc., are the categories to sort the movies quickly.

42. Wolow Tube – Watch Free Movies Online

WolowTube is a powerful Movie and TV Show Search Engine that lets you browse and search movies of your choice. It is a great place to watch free movies online without downloading anything or signing up. WolowTube has more than 30, 000 film titles in their database but surprisingly, they don’t contain any movies other than high picture quality HD streams.


Watching movies at WolowTube is free, and you may watch them easily with just a single click without the need of any downloads or surveys. Overall, WolowTube may be termed as “Free Movie Steaming Sites No Sign Up.”

43. Alluc – Free Streaming Video Link Search Engine

Alluc has been yet another fantastic free movie sites portal that lets you quickly search the best movies worldwide and watch free movies online. Using its powerful search engine, you may also find out free streaming movie sites as well as video links.


With access to look into the database of over 400 different video hosters, it provides you access to millions of movies and videos streaming links to watch free movies online without downloading.

44. HitBliss – Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

HitBliss is a unique movie streaming platform as it lets you earn points for watching movies, TV Shows and video clips online. You may collect as many points as you wish by watch videos and movies online on HitBliss.


The earned cash points can later be redeemed for buying Pandora subscription or shopping anything else on the HitBliss shopping portal. It is also available for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac users.

45. New Movies Online – Watch New and Popular Movies Online

New Movies Online is the comparatively new movie streaming site, but it allows you to watch free movies online without downloading. Although it is new, yet New Movies Online has an excellent collection of new and popular cinema movies. You may search movies of your choice from the top-right search bar.


Also, New Movies Online lets you sort movies based on genres like action, adventure, animation, biography, crime, comedy, drama, fantasy, history, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi, sports, thriller, etc. At New Movies Online, you may stream movies online without downloading.

46. Putlocker – Watch Movies Online Free Without Downloading

On Putlocker, you’ll get everything that you need to watch free movies online without downloading. It provides you the beginner’s guide to “How you can watch free movies online without downloading anything?” to online movie streaming links for latest released movies.


Putlocker also has a vast collection of movies in its database, and it frequently adds new movies every week. You may watch recent movies, most commented movies, top rated movies, latest HD movies as well as request for new movies of your choice.

47. OZO Movies – Watch Free Cinema Movies Online

OZO Movies is one of the most popular movie website names in the list of free movie sites to watch free movies online without downloading. It focuses on latest and newly released movies as it offers you an awesome platform to browse latest movies and watch them online for free. Sort movies by year or search through the movie search box to find your desired movies online.


It is a completely mobile friendly movie site, thus the responsive website allows you to watch movies from mobile devices also. The best thing is OZO Movie has a huge number of HD movies in its database which means you’ll be able to enjoy free movies with high definition picture quality with just a click.

48. MyDownloadTube – Watch and Download Latest HD Movies for Free

MyDownloadTube is yet another popular movie site that not just lets you watch free movie online without downloading, but also allows you to download free movies. You may categorize movies based on various genres as well as search for your favorite movies using the movie search engine placed at the top.


MyDownloadTube also offers free PC games downloading. It frequently adds new movies in high quality. You are provided with three options for every movie – Watch Trailer, Watch Online, and Download.

49. Vodlocker – Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Vodlocker is yet another free movie streaming site that lets you watch free movies online without downloading. It also allows you to watch your favorite TV shows online without the need of downloading anything. Vodlocker has a vast collection of latest released movies, TV shows, etc.


Vodlocker frequently adds new movies, TV shows and videos in its database. So you’ll get free online movie streaming of latest released movies as well as TV shows without the need of downloading.

50. Movie4K – Watch Movies Online for Free Movie Download

Movie4K is that movie site that allows you to watch free movies online without downloading. It is a great site where you may watch movies, cinema, and TV show online as well as download them for free for offline watching. It is one of the biggest internet movie websites today with free movies from years ago to the current date.


You may add your movies by creating a free account which enables you to rate and comment on others video clips and movies. However, no registration is required for only watching movies of your choice.

51. Free Movies Watch – Watch Latest HD Movies Online for Free

Free Movies Watch is yet another free movie site that allows you to watch free movies online without downloading. It is new movie streaming site with a huge number of latest HD movies as well as old movies in its database ranging from various genres including action, adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, horror, musical, sci-fi, thriller, war, western movies, etc.


Free Movies Watch features latest HD movies from recent months as well as older movies from past years. On the homepage, you’ll see several latest movies, top rated movies, etc. which you may watch for free by following the free movie streaming link. A great movie search bar also lets you browse movies of your choice. If you want to watch free movies online without downloading, Free MoviesWatch is surely worth trying.

52. Asian Horror Movies

Asian Horror Movies is a great place to watch free movies online without downloading. If you love watching horror movies, then there can’t be a better place than Asian Horror Movies on the internet. There are a huge number of horror movies collections on this movie site.


You may also search through their search box, and chat-room is the place that lets you chat and discuss with other community members. All this comes for free.

53. Free Movie Linker – Watch Free Movies Online

Free Movie Linker is movie linker website as it connects you to the best network of choice to stream and watch free movies online without any need to download or install any software.


It is like a landing page created for IGLO Movies to drive visitors to specific movie website as all the free movie online links lead to same website IGLO movies.

54. FilmLinks4U – Watch Latest Movies Online Free

FilmLinks4U is the best online movie streaming portal for Indians where you may watch free movies online from different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, English and other Indian languages.

Not only you can watch Bollywood movies from various Indian languages, but also you may watch Hollywood movies dubbed in these Indian languages.

Author: Rahul Dubey
Source: https://techreviewpro.com/best-sites-watch-free-movies-online-without-downloading-3983/

We’re talking apps today…

…how much would you chuck out for an app? Do you have a maximum limit subconsciously set? As a rule of thumb most people would naturally go for the ideal offer when looking for android apps or games. We usually start off by searching for free apps and if they don’t meet our needs we’d opt for the premium ones had we not given up at this point already. For this reason most app developers offer their apps free for download with certain features locked to encourage the user to eventually buy the complete app once they get hooked.

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Nonetheless, some app developers are not fazed by this. They will charge for the work they put in developing their apps to the very last millisecond they burnt, and while frankly most deserve your hard earned money, there’re some who simply deserve a kick to the nuts. They put out half baked apps that are a mockery of the work done by the former and i’m about to introduce some of that remarkable work to you.

Note that Google Play Store allows for a maximum of $200 to be charged for any app, otherwise they’d be charging a lot more.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of some of the most expensive apps for Android available on the Play Store.

Most expensive android apps

  1. Got Cash?

[price: $111.70]


most expensive appProbably one of the most annoying apps on the Play Store. The description?

Got Cash? Prove it! Show everyone that you have enough cash to buy useless $200 app! Who wants milk, anyway?


Although the price tag has since changed to $111.70, the creators of there app would not even be bothered to change the amount stated on the description. They wouldn’t even replace the cover image with a three dollar HD background from flicker even after making more than $1900 in sales.

Interested? Get it here:most expensive app

2. Most Expensive App

[price: $111.70]

most expensive appGoing through the list you begin to get the feeling these apps were created for douche bags who have nothing else to do with their money except of course flaunt it around and throw it at anyone selling air. The name speaks for itself. However they brought the price down from $200 to $100 for reasons best know to only them not too long ago. Part of the description on this one reads:

Looking for the most expensive app on the Android Market! You’ve come to the right place…

and this…

This app is just for demonstration purposes, and doesn’t actually do anything. So don’t be disappointed if you install it and nothing happens…

Seriously?? And if that’s not enough, 10 sheeples actually bought the app. You can check it out here:most expensive app

3. White Diamond

[price: $130]

most expensive appJust like the other two this app is meant to showcase to your friends (or anyone who hangs around douche bags) how wealthy you are. It doesn’t actually do anything useful for you but allows you to put a diamond widget on your phone’s homescreen so that people can see you’re a real baller.

Thankfully at the time of publishing this article this app has since been pulled down from the Play Store.

4. The Abu Moo collection

[price: $200]

most expensive appAs you can tell by now, this app like its predecessors on this list doesn’t actually do anything except allow wealthy people to show mere mortals like me and (presumably) you that they spent money on it. A lot of money. If you get this app and your friends don’t punch you directly in the face then it’s about time you found new friends. So get it here and find out who your true friends really are:

most expensive app

5. Katya

[price: $55.84]

most expensive appTo be fair, the app is in Spanish so we don’t know exactly what it does, but it looks like it’s an app that simulates a rally car. About 10x more people bought this app than those who bought the ones listed above so I’m guessing there could be something useful going for this one.

most expensive app

6. Mobile Accessibility US

[price: $84.78]

most expensive appNot to make it all crazy and useless we’re going to include at least one app in this first series that is actually useful. Mobile Accessibility US is an app that you won’t mind spending money on. The app was designed for people that are visually impaired. It helps in that the interface talks to you as you move your finger around the screen and reads out the options for you. When you find something that you want to open all you do is to double tap on it and it launches.most expensive app

Chances are that we skipped a few more homicide inducing apps but we’ll be gradually adding more of those to this list in the coming days.

You can help build up the list by mentioning some of your own in the comments section below.

Check out the first Android run smartphone by Blackberry here.

Source : androidtipster.com

WHEN YOU LOSE the key to your bike lock you borrow bolt cutters. When your door is jammed you look up a locksmith. And when you need targeted surveillance of a smartphone, you call your cyberarms dealer. Naturally! For bad actors and nation states, sometimes all it takes to access someone’s private text messages, browsing history, calls, emails, calendar, location, contacts, and apps, is a big enough check. Although maybe not as big as you’d think.

Researchers from the mobile security firm Lookout and Google’s Android security team revealed evidence this weekof a type of mobile spyware for Android that masquerades as a normal app download, while secretly gaining root access to a device to do broad surveillance on the user over time. Lookout, working with Citizen Lab, a human rights and global security research group, discovered a similar malicious product for iOS last year. Called Pegasus, the malware appeared to originate from the Israeli spy technology company NSO Group. Since NSO Group also advertises the product for Android, Lookout got to work trying to find proof that it exists. It didn’t take long.

“We knew we’d find it,” says Mike Murray, the vice president of security intelligence at Lookout. “It was just a question of when and where in the data. It’s important to understand the pervasiveness of this. This stuff is being used by all sorts of nation-state advanced attackers around the world for whatever their aims are. And their aims are more broad than we necessarily think about.”

That isn’t cause for you specifically to worry. Google checked data from the Verify Apps software security scanner it has on 1.4 billion devices around the world and found possible downloads of Pegasus for Android (also called Chrysaor) on fewer than 40 devices total, in countries including Israel, Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. Google says it notified all of those users about the potential danger and blocked the malware. A few dozen devices is a very small population, but the software provides virtually complete access and control on a device. This isn’t some credit card theft or prescription drug scam. It’s complete ownership of data about a person’s entire digital life.

Reports indicate that it costs a few hundred thousand dollars to get up and running with this type of NSO Group tool, and then costs tens of thousands of dollars for each target a customer wants to use the product on. Think of it like a licensing fee. The cost is relatively small, especially in the context of the types of coffers that comprise NSO’s clientele, but high enough that you probably wouldn’t install it on every phone out there. Murray says that the cost of using the iOS and Android tools is comparable, from what he has seen.

The malicious app download was never available in the Google Play Store, and was probably distributed to targets using links in specially crafted text messages, as was the case with the iOS version. Pegasus for iOS exploited a series of rare and valuable zero day (previously unknown and therefore unpatched) bugs in iOS to gain full access. In the case of the Android version, though, the malware exploits a known rooting method called Framaroot.

Since it’s open source, Android can be infinitely altered and adjusted, but this can make it difficult to distribute security updates widely, since not all patches and protections become available for all “forks” (independent versions) of the operating system. As a result, it is easier to use old vulnerabilities to target Android users, because a portion of the population will generally still be vulnerable to a given attack months or years after a patch comes out. And even if a potential victim downloads Pegasus for Android on a device that has all the most recent security updates, the spyware can still work if the user mistakenly grants approval through Android’s permissions system.

The malware is also difficult to detect. It has self-destruct mechanisms built in to wipe it off devices, and can even block certain patches and scans that could nullify it. But Lookout knew the types of things that characterized the NSO Group’s Pegasus tool on iOS, and was able to look for evidence of the Android version in anonymous data it has collected from more than 100 million of its customers’ devices. “With the iOS version [of Pegasus] we started to learn about how NSO builds software and how they do their job. We noticed common standards in the way they write code, common infrastructure that they’ve used,” says Murray. “So we found a bunch of initial candidates [in our data] that looked very promising, some of which were incredibly promising and actually turned out to be the real thing.”

Google says it has disabled the malicious application on infected devices, and has updated its Verify Apps service to protect the overall Android population. Some samples of Pegasus for Android date back to 2014, though, so it seems likely that NSO Group and other cyberarms dealers have developed even more sophisticated techniques since then.

“I don’t think this is the end to this story,” Murray says. “They’re evolving. I think the next round is going to be even more interesting.”

Source : wired.com

Google is one of the widely used search engines all over the world. The Google app is downloaded by many Android and iOS users to make their hunt for information or certain things online all the more easier. The redesigning of the Google’s search app is surely going to make some buzz in the current mobile app technology market. Due to the millions of Google search engine users across the globe, there is constant need for advancement in the app to make it more user friendly for the masses.

Google App’s 'Tappable Shortcuts' Feature Makes Search Easier

Google has redesigned the search app by introducing a new app launcher to the earlier version. The new app launcher provides shortcuts for a number of apps on the Web including coin flip, weather, sports, translate, and others. This new feature changes the previous style of searching the topics of interest on Google. The new app launcher or the shortcut bar is added below the big search bar of the Google app. It can be visible once you update the previous version.

Generally, for searching topics your interests  need to be typed  on the search bar and then Google further provide the links regarding the same. However, the new feature provides you with “tappable shortcuts” that makes the search even faster and easier. There are specific shortcut icons provided by Google as well. The shortcut icons include sports, weather, entertainment, flights, foods & beverages, internet speed test, nearby attraction, currency converter, hotels, translate, and more. The Android and iOS users have some more shortcut icons added to their new search bar. In addition to all this, there are also some gaming shortcuts such as roll a die, tic-tac-toe, “I’m feeling curious”, solitaire, and others added as well.

For instance, if you search for entertainment then Google will provide you with the latest movies running in the theatres or the latest TV shows going on. The search engine provides with the latest of the small and big screen news or gossips. The hunt for best food & beverages location nearby is also no longer cumbersome. Google cares for public’s time; hence, are making features that are easy to operate within a second.

However, the new tappable shortcuts feature is available only in the U.S. and at the moment there seems to be no chance it will be made available on a worldwide basis.

But, it is worth the wait, no doubt!

Source : timesofkabul.com

Thursday, 06 April 2017 01:53


The coder Dan Schultz released a search randomizer called Internet Noise, which offers a way of veiling one’s real interests online.The coder Dan Schultz released a search randomizer called Internet Noise, which offers a way of veiling one’s real interests online.

Sometime before dawn on March 29th, not too many hours after Congress approved legislation that allows Internet-service providers to sell your browsing history to whoever wants to buy it, a coder named Dan Schultz released a search randomizer called Internet Noise, which offers a way of veiling one’s real interests online. I heard about it that night, went straight to the charmingly bare-bones page, and clicked the “Make some noise” button. A new browser tab opened and began to refresh every few seconds with search results based on random pairings of words. “Fact cereal,” “fire mind,” and “raft flanker” were the first ones; “final hotel,” “component nation,” and “giraffe cloister” soon followed. I stared at this whimsical procession for a while and then went to bed. The browser refreshed with random word combinations while I slept—an accident of timing that may have influenced how I think about Internet Noise. Upon waking, I reviewed my browser history. All the random word pairings had the strange associative logic of a dream, as though I had been made privy to the Internet’s unconscious.

I kept the browser tab open throughout the day. Now and then I would check in, and I found each visit hypnotizing. It was interesting to note what vanished immediately from my mind and what lingered: a PDF about the aquifers of West Central Florida; a man reading a Susan Minot story out loud in the privacy of his own room (a mere eighty views on YouTube, but his dark room and dramatic whisper are now lodged in my imagination); a painting from the seventeenth century, “Bearded Man with a Beret.” At one point I checked in to discover an article titled “Anna Nicole Smith: Cleavage in Bankruptcy.” I had enough time to grasp that the article was about an intricacy of bankruptcy law that involves something called cleavage and had nothing directly to do with Anna Nicole Smith, before the browser refreshed to something else.

In today’s attention economy, five seconds is long enough to be exasperating but brief enough to justify waiting for the next refresh. Many of the word pairings sounded like song titles for an indie-rock band; “Beret Appendix,” “Flesh Depression,” and “Antler Topic” would look at home on a Pavement record. But it wasn’t just the search words providing a hit of Dada-poetry pleasure, it was the search results, too: “Drop Robert” led to the lyrics of a Robert Palmer song, “Pressure Drop”; the first result for “Lamb Style” took me to an article titled “Roald Dahl’s Writing Style in Lamb to the Slaughter”; “Flesh Depression” took me to an article on a vitamin-supplement Web site headlined “What Causes Flesh Depression Of The Fingertips.” I had never really thought about this, and pressed a fingernail into a fingertip and watched the depression—in the other sense of the word—linger. The article begins, “If you press your fingertips against anything, you will get a depression in your fingertips. If you look around for depression information, you will find that there is not much available.” I sat stunned by the deadpan nonsense of these lines. Then the Web site refreshed.

When I spoke with friends, I kept referring to this tool as the “Internet Noise Machine,” an embellishment that seemed to make sense. Like a Roomba or a dishwasher, Internet Noise is a cleaning appliance—even though it achieves cleanliness by creating an obscuring veil, a kind of digital squid ink. Internet Noise is scrubbing your traces online, removing the evidence of your real self. At the end of my first day of Internet Noise, I read Ashley Feinberg’s detailed account of how she sleuthed out the private Twitter and Instagram accounts of the F.B.I. director, James Comey. Reading about this confluence of the relatively banal details of Comey’s life—his son played basketball at Kenyon—and how it led to his hidden social-media account reminded me again how even the most consequential public figures have private lives, and also that our private lives have a political consequence. We live in a moment when our government has too little transparency and our own private lives have too much.

This sense of our shared vulnerability, of our loss of control over who gets to see what, is surely why Internet Noise took off. Wired published an article about it soon after its début, and, within a day, the post had been shared more than thirty thousand times on Facebook—a somewhat ironic measurement unit, as one of the arguments that Internet-service providers used when lobbying Congress was that it wasn’t fair that they be banned from collecting data on your online activities while Facebook and Netflix are permitted to do so. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, who claims that people don’t value their privacy like they used to, just spent thirty million dollars buying the houses adjacent to his own, for the sake of greater privacy.

The man behind Internet Noise, Dan Schultz, is a thirty-year-old programmer who lives—and has lived since his youth—just north of Philadelphia. He went to Carnegie Mellon, where he studied information systems, and then went on to the M.I.T. Media Lab, where he got his master’s degree, in 2012. The M.I.T. Media Lab is broken up into approximately twenty-seven research groups, he explained. He was in two: Civic Media (“How to use tech to make meaning online, to guide people to meaning”) and information ecology (“Making information available at the right moment—and in a natural way. Making information more naturally integrated into your day-to-day life”).

When I asked what “naturally integrated information” might look like, he told me about the project of a classmate, John Kestner, called “The Proverbial Wallet.” This wallet has a little motor that’s connected, via Bluetooth, to your bank accounts. “It used to be you could see the money you have by what was in your wallet, but then came credit cards,” Schultz said. With this motorized wallet, if you were spending a lot of money and reaching your credit limit, the motor would make it harder to pry open the wallet.

Schultz’s own thesis project was called “Truth Goggles,” a browser that “tried to protect you from yourself as you are reading,” as he put it, by fact-checking the statements on your screen. I asked whether all twenty-seven groups at the M.I.T. Media Lab were as altruistic and progressively minded as his. “There was one really big group, synthetic neurobiology, focussed on the brain,” he replied. “There were forty of them, and they kept to themselves and lived in the basement. They were going to put fibre optics into mouse brains to try to control which way the mouse moves.” Schultz has a comedian’s timing, and we both laughed. But this scenario, of something controlling you without you knowing it, has been a nightmare steadily encroaching.

Schultz launched Internet Noise the night that the bill passed and has been tinkering with it in the days since. The code is open source, and people have been sending him notes and suggestions. “I have to approve the edits, but anyone can see the code,” he said. His first version chose words utterly at random, “but they were so obscure that all they produced was lists of uncommon words.” The current iteration chooses two words from among the four thousand most commonly used nouns and then strings them together. It was a happy conversation until he mentioned that the tool is symbolic. “Advertisers will know it’s a robot,” he said. “This is a noise generator. We are talking about signal processing. Humans signal-process every second of every day. When I hear a sound, my brain is processing that sound. Noise does not affect the signal. It is around the signal. We might be annoyed by noise, but even if there is static on the radio we can still pick up the melody. We just might miss some of the subtle nuances. Same thing goes for your fingerprint online. The algorithms are able to tell.”

“What it does do is make a form of protest,” he continued. “It is generating noise. It might be bothering somebody. You are not doing harm by using it.” There is a great deal of value in a tool that raises the larger question of how much manipulation we are vulnerable to, and who will protect us. The era of social media and the smartphone has played out mostly with the Obama Presidency as a backdrop. What happens when more vindictive political forces gain control over these levers?

Nevertheless, the realization that using Internet Noise is a symbolic act left me glum. Who wants a dishwasher that makes all the right noises but doesn’t really clean the dishes? (A pretty good description of my dishwasher, as it happens.) But, when I went and looked at the ever-renewing browser again, the first thing to pop up was from Mark Twain’s “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” “However, my attention was suddenly snatched from such matters” was the first line I read before my browser switched to a Web page with the headline “The Mind of the Anti-social Birder,” followed by search results for the phrases “American diva,” and then “multimedia impulse.” The sequences were, at times, so resonant that I would have thought a human mind might have been making them up. I realized that, in a way, a human mind was: the words were placed there before me, and it was up to me to lend them meaning.

If I sat there long enough, Internet Noise would no doubt take me to the opening paragraph of George W. S. Trow’s classic “Within the Context of No Context,” published in this magazine, in 1980. It reads, “Wonder was the grace of the country. Any action could be justified by that: the wonder it was rooted in. Period followed period, and finally the wonder was that things could be built so big. Bridges, skyscrapers, fortunes, all having a life first in the marketplace, still drew on the force of wonder. But then a moment’s quiet. What was it now that was built so big? Only the marketplace itself. Could there be wonder in that? The size of the con?”

Thomas Beller’s books include “Seduction Theory,” “The Sleep-Over Artist,” and “J.D. Salinger: The Escape Artist,” which won the New York City Book Award for biography/memoir. He teaches at Tulane University and is a frequent contributor to Culture Desk.

Source : newyorker.com

Critical of Apple’s efforts in the TV space, having previously called the company’s seemingly non-existent TV strategy aimless and backwards. And with good reason, nothing Apple has done to date suggests that the company truly understands what makes for a compelling TV viewing experience. Bizarrely, Apple still can’t seem to figure out if it wants to jump into the TV space head-first or simply leverage a few TV programs to bolster its Apple Music service.I’ve been pretty critical of Apple’s efforts in the TV space, having previously called the company’s seemingly non-existent TV strategy aimless and backwards. And with good reason, nothing Apple has done to date suggests that the company truly understands what makes for a compelling TV viewing experience. Bizarrely, Apple still can’t seem to figure out if it wants to jump into the TV space head-first or simply leverage a few TV programs to bolster its Apple Music service.

What’s more, Apple’s rumored TV subscription service remains nowhere to be seen. If you recall, Apple a few years ago was reportedly interested in rolling out a skinny bundle of cable TV channels at an affordable price. Ultimately, word surfaced that Apple couldn’t reach mutually agreeable pricing terms with content providers, thus nipping Apple’s streaming plans in the bud. All the while, Apple has already been beaten to the skinny bundle punch, first by DirecTV and soon by Hulu, Google, Comcast and even Verizon.

That said, Apple might have a trick up its sleeve after all.

Not every TV streaming service is created equal, and a new report from Recode suggests that Apple may be working on a skinny bundle that could completely change the streaming landscape as we know it. Citing sources within the TV industry, the report relays that Apple is now interested in putting together a TV package that would include premium channels like HBO, Starz and Showtime within the same bundle.

Here’s Apple’s latest proposal: It wants to sell consumers a premium TV bundle, which combines HBO, Showtime and Starz.Apple already sells each of those channels individually. But it has approached the three networks about rolling them up into a single package, as conventional pay TV operators sometimes do.

If Apple can actually get this done at a reasonable price point, it would immediately set Apple’s mythical TV streaming service apart from the rest of the pack. Even if Apple prices its streaming service a tad higher than its competitors, the ability for users to instantly access premium shows from the likes of HBO and Showtime — while also receiving access to traditional cable channels like AMC, ESPN and Bravo — would be an immediate game changer.

As it stands now, Apple already offers customers HBO, Showtime and Starz subscriptions for $15, $11 and $9, respectively. Presumably, a streaming package containing all three would fall somewhere in the $60 range, though it’s worth noting that Recode’s sources were unaware of Apple’s desired pricing plan. Previously, it was widely believed that Apple was aiming to introduce a skinny bundle with 25-30 channels in the $40/month range.

All that said, there appears to be more life left in Apple’s TV plans than we would have otherwise imagined. Incidentally, Apple recently hired Shiva Rajaraman, formerly of YouTube, to help bolster the company’s video efforts.

Source : Yahoo.com

The majority of people may prefer Google Search over any other alternative search engine, but when it comes to searching for quality images, Bing Image Search excels. Recently, Bing published a blog, explaining why the Microsoft’s search engine can produce better image search results. Here is the detailed report of why Microsoft feels, Bing Image Search is better than the competition, along with some examples.

Bing image search

Bing Image Search excels

It won’t be a right statement if we say that Google doesn’t give expected results at all. In fact, Google made quite a lot progress in recent years, and Google’s image search results are pretty good too. However, here you will see what new features Bing has to offer when it comes to Bing image search and which make Bing a better image search engine than the competition.

1. Quality of images has been improved in Bing image search

Bing says they can produce better quality images than ever before.  Now Bing returns mostly the High-resolution images for any search, as compared to Google.

Bing image search

2. Better understanding of the object being searched

Earlier, search engines used to refer to the text that was used to describe a particular image. This text was being used as the information to search for a relevant image. Or, the web page that contained this image was used as a reference. However, now Bing can isolate the image from the rest of its elements such as text that surrounds it and the web page that hosts that image; and can derive the image’s position and size. This way, images that are not up to the mark are omitted from the search results. In an official blog, Bing shows an example of such images.

Bing image search

As you can see in the above example, the images on the right-hand side are filtered out from the search results. For such filtration, certain criteria are used such as whether the object is in the background or the foreground.

3. Displaying Hero Images in Bing image search

This is yet another feature that makes it better than Google. Bing can display Hero images. A Hero image is a large banner image that is prominently placed on a web page. Bing uses this Hero image experience while displaying the image results. However, instead of placing the Hero images at the center, these are placed in the top left-hand corner in the Bing image search. This is because majority of the people across the globe scan the images from left to right. This way, users get high-resolution Hero images placed at the beginning.

Bing image search

4. Colour-wise search results

Even Google has the feature of displaying images by filtering them by color. However, Bing has a better understanding of the color, because it detects whether the color is used in the background or used for a particular object.

Bing image search

5. More filtering options for people

Bing certainly has one thing that Google does not have. This is the extra filtration that can be applied while searching for people; especially celebrities.

Bing image search

There is a tab called as ‘People’ where users can select the options such as ‘Just Faces’ or ‘Head & Shoulders’. As the names suggest, users can filter the Bing image search results for only faces or the images with head and shoulder of the person.

6. Various filters

Bing brings more number of image filter options for the users than Google.  Following are the filters that a user can apply to view the proper set of images:

  1. Size: Small, Medium, Large, Wallpaper
  2. Colors: Color Only, Black & White
  3. Type: Photograph, clipart, Line drawing
  4. Layout: Square, Wide, Tall
  5. People: Just Faces, Head & Shoulders

Bing image search

With so many filters and options to choose in Bing image search results, it certainly becomes a better search engine than the competition in terms of image searches.

Do try out Bing.com Image Search and let us know what you think of it.

Source : thewindowsclub.com

Computer simulations, and the means to visualize them, could be in the palm of your hand in new and potentially revolutionary ways later this year, if rumors about Apple's forthcoming "iPhone 8" bear fruit.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made an assortment of remarks, heralding augmented reality and virtual reality as potential cornerstones of the company's future. Combined with rumors of a new dual-lens forward facing camera system and advanced facial recognition software in the "iPhone 8," it's possible that Apple's true interest in the space could be revealed later this year.

While virtual reality promises users a more immersive experience, by sinking a user in the environment with video and audio cues, augmented reality instead offers a hybrid and more social approach, merging a virtual world with the one around us.

Augmented reality is a clear interest for Apple. Rumors about the hardware in the "iPhone 8" coupled with Apple CEO Tim Cook's remarks about the technology suggest that the company is going to dive deep into augmented reality very soon.

Virtual reality

For about three decades, the term "virtual reality" has been used as a catch-all for any sort of real-world simulation or modification. Initial implementations were used by the entertainment industry for relatively compact rides in amusement parks, with additional user by the military for flight simulator training.

Early implementations employed conventional displays in conjunction with mechanical haptics to provide full feedback of the environment to the user. 
Because VR is an immersive and largely solitary experience that requires a headset, it's an unlikely fit for Apple. Instead, the company is likely to embrace an offshoot of VR, augmented reality, in a way that can allow users to interact with the world— and others— around them, via the iPhone.

Augmented reality

AR is less hardware- and software-intensive than VR, using the combination of a camera and display such as those found in the iPhone to manipulate and generate overlays over the surrounding real-life environment. Augmented reality can be used to guide a user on a street, or highlight businesses as a user travels through a town. 

Another possible use case is capture of virtual creatures with the flick of a finger, after spotting them in the park on a daily walk such as in Niantic's "Pokemon Go."

Done properly, augmented reality could be readily adopted by the iPhone crowd —assuming it can be made "friction-free." As it turns out, that's an area where Apple historically has excelled. 

Tim Cook on augmented and virtual reality

"The smartphone is for everyone, we don't have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it's for everyone. I think AR is that big, it's huge," Cook said in an interview in February. "I get excited because of the things that could be done that could improve a lot of lives. And be entertaining." 

"I view AR like I view the silicon here in my iPhone, it's not a product per se, it's a core technology. But there are things to discover before that technology is good enough for the mainstream," Cook concluded. "I do think there can be a lot of things that really help people out in daily life, real-life things, that's why I get so excited about it."
"I think AR is that big, it's huge" - Tim Cook

Apple's tangible moves in the AR and VR sector

Apple has made a number of strategic hires and acquisitions over the last five years to further its AR ambitions.

Motion capture specialist Faceshiftwas acquired in 2015, with machine learning and computer vision startup Perceptio grabbed earlier that year.

German AR firm Metaio and Flyby Media also go hand-in-hand with in-house development of transparent displays, iPhone-powered VR rigs, AR maps and other related technologies described in recent patent filings.

In January, Apple was reassigned IP from Metaio for an AR device with advanced point of interest labelling. Specifically, a pair of patents detail a mobile AR system — or smartphone —capable of detecting its surroundings and displaying generated virtual information to users in real time. 

The "iPhone 8" and augmented reality

While the "iPhone 8" may not be sold to customers on AR prospects alone, it appears to be setting the table for wider adoption of the technology.

According to recent rumors, the sensor expected to be used in this year's "iPhone 8" is intended for a practical face scanning utility, and not solely or specifically for augmented reality application.

However, the technology described for the sensor appears to be a micro-miniaturized version of a LIDAR mapper or rangefinder.

LIDAR is a proven technology, with resolution and accuracy dependent on a combination of factors, not the least of which is the integration of the laser and the sensor —which Apple's acquisition of Primesense in 2013 appears intended for.

To properly overly the environment requires accuracy —which a rear-mounted LIDAR installation supplementing existing range finding equipment associated with the iPhone camera would give. It also requires heavy-duty processing power, which the existing A10 Fusion processor also has —and any successor would as well.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the new camera system expected to arrive in Apple's "iPhone 8" will enable 3D sensing and modeling in applications, which could be used for a range of capabilities including replacing the head of a character in a 3D game, or taking a 3D selfie.

Beyond proprietary camera software, Apple has other AR- and VR-related edges over its competition as well. For example, the iPhone only has a few resolutions, where Android devices have literally hundreds. 

The "iPhone 8" is expected to be thinner and lighter than even the iPhone 7. This could allow for less user fatigue, whether installed in a headset, or held by the user for an AR environment overlay.

Apple as iterator, not innovator

First off the starting blocks doesn't guarantee victory —just ask Eiger Labs or Creative Media how their corporate fortunes are doing in the wake of the iPod, how Microsoft's tablet initiative fared after a 2002 debut, or how Samsung's smart watches are selling.

Apple wasn't the first to the computer mouse, the digital media player, an internet-connected phone, or the tablet form factor. It waited until the technology and time was right, perfected each form factor —making it truly "friction free" to adopt. 

And, like most of the rest of the developments its known for, Apple isn't going to be first to AR or VR. Google Glass rose and died in less than two years, and is beyond a niche in the company's Mountain View headquarters, if it isn't completely dead —all because the product didn't work well.

Virtual reality is tied up in litigation between Zenimax and Facebook, after the latter made a multi-billion dollar bet on the technology.

Apple stands at a point with the "iPhone 8," controlling the current specs and future development of a near-ubiquitous device sold in the millions per quarter, where it can call the shots in AR for now, and the next decade at least.

Source : appleinsider.com

Now it's a darknet marketplace that hopes a bug bounty scheme can improve security for its clientele.

To keep its customers out of trouble, Hansa, a popular darknet marketplace for selling illicit goods, is following legitimate businesses by paying researchers for reporting security flaws.

It is one of many darknet marketplaces seeking to meet demand for anonymous trading once offered by fallen drugs bazaar Silk Road. With its buyers and sellers likely to be of interest to law-enforcement agencies as well as hackers, Hansa announced on Reddit last week that it had launched a bitcoin bug bounty to keep clients safe.

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Bug bounties are gaining in popularity in the world of legitimate business as a means of improving product security.

Google has operated its bug bounties for six years, and more conventional organizations, including some automakers, airlines, and the US Department of Defense, are now using them to attract bug reports, often through bounty programs run by Bugcrowd and HackerOne.

For Hansa, being an arena where anonymity is prized and exposure can lead to jail time, the highest value rewards are for bugs that could result in users being identified.

Hansa's operators say they will offer 10BTC for any bugs that could "severely disrupt" Hansa's integrity in a way that would expose the IP address, or personal information of a user or seller. After last month's spike in the value of bitcoin, this sum is greater than $10,000.

Less critical bugs are valued at 1BTC each, while simple "display bugs or unintended behavior" will earn researchers 0.05BTC.

CyberScoop, which first reported the new bug bounty, notes that Hansa is responsible for about $3m in trade. The hidden website launched the bounty following reports of a bug on AlphaBay, another post-Silk Road marketplace, that exposed private messages containing user names and delivery addresses. According to CyberScoop, Hansa has already received reports of non-critical bugs.


Despite Hansa's intention to improve its own measures, security and privacy researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis told CyberScoop that the bounty is unlikely to achieve much for darknet markets.

"The problems pervading onions [the nickname for websites accessed on the Tor network] are caused by bad assumptions at the software design level, the reliance on web technologies designed for an internet without consideration for privacy," Lewis said.

"Bug bounties are only a patch. What we really need are new privacy-oriented software stacks, servers, blog platforms."

Author : Liam Tung

Source : zdnet.com


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