Advanced Research Methods & Online Research Techniques

Web Search Techniques & Online Research Methods (COP)

This learning module teaches some conventional research methods and standards applied in the Research Industry. Students learn techniques to perform Web searches with advanced search queries and get introduced to essential online research tools to conduct specialized research on the Internet.

We have split this module into two segments.

  1. Web Search Methods and Techniques
  2. Conventional Research Methods and Methodologies
Web Search Methods and Techniques is considered the core segment of Internet research education. The section is focused on web search techniques and identifies various challenges, methods, and inherent barriers to online research. It gives students an overall understanding of search engine behavior and functionality. The students learn to build complex web search queries and perform a precision search with confidence.

The Research Methods and Methodologies segment of the course is typical conventional research methods and methodologies that are fundamental for any type of research work. This segment is covering knowledge of the industry’s research standards, conventions, and methods applied by traditional research practitioners.

Online Research Methods Course

Examination Syllabus - Detailed Topics

By earning this certification, you will be able to learn:

Chapter 6 | Keywords & Search Phrases
    • Keywords Match Types: Broad Search vs. Narrow Search
      • Broad Search Keywords
      • Exact Match (Narrow or Precision Search) Keywords
    • Primary and Secondary Keywords
      • How to Create or Identify Primary and Secondary Keywords
        • Analysis of Primary Search Words with Modified Keywords and Search Phrases
        • Search Results Analyzed with Modified Secondary Keywords
      • Secondary Keywords
        • Search Results Analyzed Use of Secondary keywords
    • Building Keywords & Phrases for Search
      • Core Elements of a Keywords Search Query
        • The Head
        • The Modifier
        • The Tail
    • Types of Search Query Based on Search Query Phrase Structure
      • Short-Tail Keywords or Broad Keywords Query
      • Long-Tail Keywords or Long Keywords Query
      • The Advantage and Disadvantage of Long- and Short-Tails for Search


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