Business of Online Research

Certificate of Proficiency in Business of Online Research (COP)

The Business of Research is an important module for those Research Professionals that are interested in setting up their independent research services practice as Independent Research Specialists. The main objective of this module is to provide a basic understanding of how to set-up an Independent Research Services Business and how to effectively manage small business operations? The topics are intended to familiarize students with essential elements of business management that provide valuable insight into SMB (Small to Medium Size Business) operational issues, along with the business risks attached and both the advantages and disadvantages of working independently.

This course also includes topics that explain several steps required from the time client research proposal is drafted and later how it gets executed and ultimately delivered to the client. Other aspects of business operations such as Accounting, Billing, Project Pricing and Projects Costing are also included in this course. Read detailed course outline below.

Business of Online Research Course

Examination Syllabus - Detailed Topics

By earning this certification, you will be able to learn:

Chapter 27 | Internet Research Business
    • Internet Researcher Skills
      • Soft Skills
      • Hard Skills or Technical Skills
        • Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Analytics
        • Computer Skills and Online Research Skills
    • Internet Research Skills in the Information Market
      • Business and Industry Specific Research (Non-Academic)
        • Information and Data Requirements for Internal and External Reporting
        • Job descriptions, job responsibilities and business reports
        • Business Reports and Information Reporting
          • List of Typical Research and Analysis Reports in Businesses and Industry
            • Business Feasibility
            • Investment Feasibility (Financial Feasibility)
            • Market and Marketing Feasibility
            • SWOT Analysis
        • Business Management Reports (Internal Data and External Data)
        • Management Reports used in Businesses – Summary Chart
          • Business Management Reports Categorized
            • Formal and Informal Reports
            • Internal or External Reports
            • Informational or Analytical Reports
      • Popular Research Areas in Businesses
        • Business Competitive Intelligence
        • Company Research
        • Accounting and Financial Research
        • Market and Industry Research
        • Investigative Research
        • Legal Research
        • Technology Research
      • Industry and Businesses Need for Research & Data
    • Research as a Services Business
      • Professional Research Industry
        • Forrester Research
        • IDC Research
        • Northern light
      • Global Outsourcing
    • Large Corporate Enterprise & Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMB’s)
    • Academic Research
      • The Art Disciplines
      • The Science Disciplines
      • The Discipline of Philosophy
      • The Discipline of History
      • The Disciplines of Humanities
    • Scientific Research


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Certified Internet Research Specialist Syllabus

Internet Research Specialist
Certification Program Syllabus

Study Time: Approx. 8 to 12 Hrs Per week Over 6 weeks
Assessment: 90 Minutes Multiple Choice Exam
Resources:  Practice Exercises, Illustration, Q & A Workbook

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Our flagship certification, CIRS™ (Certified Internet Research Specialist), is by far the only professional credential that meets this challenge.

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Professional Certification in Internet Research is the most comprehensive study program recognized in the Online Research Industry. A CIRS Certification demonstrates your extraordinary skills and expertise in conducting a web search.

Professional Certification in Internet Research is the most comprehensive study program recognized in the Online Research Industry. A CIRS Certification demonstrates your extraordinary skills and expertise in conducting a web search.

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