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​​The CIRS Certification exam is conducted under strict anti-plagiarism provisions that are implemented throughout the examination session. 

The CIRS exam consists of four modules. Each module will have a traditional multiple choice, true/false, Image Questions, Drag & Drop and multiple answer examination. The multiple-choice exam consists of questions randomly pulled from a master list of questions. The certification candidate has 1.5 hours to complete the exam. The exam is available through online access 24x7 anywhere in the world.

System Requirements

Computer with Internet

Web browser with standard

Online Exam
24x7 / ​365

Internet Research Book


Certified Internet Research Specialist

Study Time: Approx. 8 to 12 Hrs Per week Over 6 weeks
Assessment: 90 Minutes Multiple Choice Exam
Resources:  Practice Exercises, Illustration, Unlimited Practice Exam

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World's leading professional association of Internet Research Specialists - We deliver Knowledge, Education, Training, and Certification in the field of Professional Online Research. The AOFIRS is considered a major contributor in improving Web Search Skills and recognizes Online Research work as a full-time occupation for those that use the Internet as their primary source of information.

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