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Continuing Professional Education CPE

With the rapid advances in technology that occur in the search engine and online research methods, Continued Professional Education (CPE) is an essential part of a CIRS practitioner’s career development. A CPE is a requirement for Certified Members to maintain their certification credentials with our Association. It is important to understand that the association is responsible to the public for assuring that the CIRS practitioners are up to date with latest Internet research knowledge and industry practices. This is in line with our policy of maintaining public confidence and adding credibility to our CIRS qualified professionals and their skills.

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CIRS™ Certification Renewal

The Certified Membership needs to be renewed annually.

  • The Certified Member should be in good standing with all annual dues paid.
  • The Certified Member should pass the CPE every 24 months from the date of first issuance of membership at first and every 24 months from the date of last previous renewal.

The Annual Membership Fee allows the association to sustain its financial needs in order to serve its objectives.

Being a non-profit association depends heavily on membership fees and other value-add paid services offered by the association.


Continued Professional Education (CPE) for CIRS Only

Certificate of Proficiency

Level - Advanced

30 Minutes

Requirements & Rules for CPE

  • To be taken after completing 24 months of becoming a CIRS.
  • The exam is 30 minutes duration without any breaks.
  • The exam can be taken online at anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • There is no Fee for CPE Examination.
  • The format of the examination is 30 to 40 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • A Sample Exam and other details are available.
  • The CPE exam cannot be taken without Renewal of Annual Membership.
  • Same rules of examination apply to CPE exams as those on regular online examinations. General Rules for Taking the examination.

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