Certified Internet Research Specialist

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Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS™) Training Guide 5th Edition

A comprehensive CIRS™ Exam Prep Course aligned with the New 2022 Curriculum.

This course is designed to serve as a self-study training guide to help you prepare for the CIRS™ examination. The book is most suitable as a Practical Guide for mastering the art of Online Research by anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool for information gathering - The topics covered in this book will assist you in developing complex search queries using search methods and tools in a practical manner.

Even if you have no technical background and want to start a career involving extensive online research, you will find that the book will start you with the basics and gradually advance you to expert levels – this is due to the book's use of simple English combined with plenty of screenshots captured as exhibits – Hundreds of practical examples, easy-to-follow drawings, diagrams, charts, and graphs, as well as many lists of information resources and links, are included.

This course has four (4) Modules and thirty-nine (39) Chapters that will teach you the most current job-ready skills and techniques. Students must earn at least 75% accurate answers on the CIRS Certification Exam in order to pass. You will receive an unlimited number of practice exams to help you prepare for the CIRS final exam.

[Note: Students taking Online Classes will find the Chapters are split into several Lessons ]

CIRS™ Examination Syllabus

Internet Research Training Guide Modules & Chapters Overview


Webpages, Search Engine Indexing & Query Foundations

  • Website Pages Layout And Html Coding
  • Webpage Querying & Indexing By Search Engines
  • Search Engine Textual Database & Query Recognition Intelligence
  • Query Intent Determination With Context
  • Search Assist & Predictive Search



Web Search Techniques & Online Research Methods

  • Keywords & Search Phrases
  • Introduction To Proximity Search
  • Basic Search Operators – Booleans, Symbols, And Notations
  • Introduction To Google Advanced Search Operators
  • Search For File Types And File Formats
  • Searching Snippets – The Title, Url/link & Description
  • Constructing A Domain Search Query
  • Other Advanced Search Operators & Search Functions In Google
  • Find Names, Email, Contact, Telephone, Opportunities, Jobs And Resumes
  • Business & Industry Search – Competition, B2b Leads, Product & Services Info
  • Search Property, Ownership, Rental, For Sale Properties
  • Search News, Articles, Blogs, Group, Forum, Research, Videos, Product, Services
  • Internet Information Sources
  • Information Of The Deep Web
  • Internet’s Free Information Verification
  • List Of Internet Information Sources
  • Internet Information Research Challenges
  • Research Planning
  • Online Data Types, Data Sampling, Collection & Data Analytics
  • Information Reliability & Associated Risks
  • Online Data Collection Methods


Research In Business & Business Of Online Research

  • Internet Research Business
  • Independent Research Business
  • Research Business Opportunities
  • Research Work – Client Engagement Documents



Internet Law And Ethics Of Internet

  • Introduction To Cyber Law Or Internet Law
  • Establishing Legal Jurisdiction On The Internet
  • Intellectual Property Laws Of The Internet
  • Trademark Laws For The Internet
  • Patents Laws Applied For The Internet
  • Online Privacy, Defamation, And Spamming
  • Laws Governing Cybercrimes
  • Internet Activity Of E-commerce (E-business)
  • Introduction To Internet Ethics
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CIRS Exam Guidance

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Certified Internet Research Specialist Syllabus

Internet Research Specialist
Certification Program Syllabus

Study Time: Approx. 8 to 12 Hrs Per week Over 6 weeks
Assessment: 90 Minutes Multiple Choice Exam
Resources:  Practice Exercises, Illustration, Unlimited Practice Exam

Benefits of CIRS™ Certification

Our flagship certification, CIRS™ (Certified Internet Research Specialist), is by far the only professional credential that meets this challenge.

Professional Credibility

An undertaking by the CIRS qualified research specialists ties you to abide by the Association's “Professional Code of Conduct” that gives its practitioners a higher level of credibility in their industry of research.

Industry Validation

Professional Certification in Internet Research is the most comprehensive study program recognized in the Online Research Industry. A CIRS Certification demonstrates your extraordinary skills and expertise in conducting a web search.

Professional Certification in Internet Research is the most comprehensive study program recognized in the Online Research Industry. A CIRS Certification demonstrates your extraordinary skills and expertise in conducting a web search.

Career Outlook

The future of the certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS) is a bright one. Find out if getting your CIRS Certification is the right choice for you.

How good are your research abilities?
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The CIRS Exam consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. The exam can be taken at any time and from any location with Internet connectivity. This is a closed book exam, therefore, we strictly prohibit the use of any reference material during the exam. In order to pass the CIRS Certification Exam students must provide correct answers score of at least 75% correct answers.

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