Certified Research Specialist Learning Objectives

The CIRS (Certified Internet Research Specialist) is a globally recognized certification for Internet research specialists. Providing Internet research education and training programs all across the world.

CIRS Certification Learning Objectives

Many businesses and individuals rely on research to conduct effective business or make critical decisions. In some cases, businesses and individuals may hire an Internet researcher to conduct their research on their behalf. Online research is a learned skill that requires specialized training and industry recognition of a full-time profession.

To address this new and dynamic job description of Internet Research Specialist, the Association has dedicated an education program that includes training materials and a certification examination. Professional researchers now owe it to themselves to seek structured certification programs and stay in touch as new materials and new tools transform research problems from very difficult or impossible to quick and simple tasks by getting involved in a more centralized manner through associations such as the "Association of Internet Research Specialists."

Objectives of CIRS Certification

CIRS Certification's objective is to educate and train online researchers that now form a significantly large group within different market verticals. Thus far, our courses and syllabus have proven to have the most comprehensive curriculum that fulfills the current industry requirements.

Teach Methods to Organize Information

CIRS course teaches methods for filtering out irrelevant or unverifiable information on the internet. 

Accelerates Your Career

According to CIRS Certified professionals, their achievement results in: increased job responsibility, more employment opportunities, greater career advancement opportunities, and recognition, which includes promotions, bonuses, and salary increases.


Demystify the Technology

Demystify the technology used in accessing information through the Internets in order to better understand the questions such as; Where does the information reside? How is the information indexed and stored? How the information is accessed? The Working of Search Engines.

Enhance Professional Credibility

An undertaking by CIRS qualified research specialist bind you to abide by the Association's "Professional Code of Conduct".

Newly Evolved Internet's Legal Issue

Inform researchers about the newly evolved "Legal Issues and Ethical Concerns" on the Internet. Teaching about Internet Ethical Issues of the Internet compliments the legal framework of legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. In conducting effective internet research.

Answer Research Questions

Train researchers to use the Internet and answer real research questions in the most effective manner possible.

Train researchers to use the Internet and answer real research questions in the most effective manner possible.

Teach How to Solve Research Problems

In this Course, we teach how to solve research problems in new and creative ways by providing and identifying powerful tools for conducting online research.


Provide Easy to Follow and Helpful Information

Provide simple and helpful information on locating and retrieving files, effectively using databases, and utilizing shareware and freeware; comprehensive guides for using online libraries, free research and commercial databases, news feeds, scholarly articles, social media, and discussion groups for research.

The CIRS Certification Syllabus was developed with the following goals in mind:

To Train and Educate Students

to identify and collect the most relevant and reliable Internet information, through the use of efficient methods and techniques for web search.

To Ensure that the Students

have sufficient knowledge of traditional research methods and methodology adopted by the industry as an acceptable norm in any research project.

To Bridge the Technology

between “man and his machine” – Students should be familiar with the fundamentals of Internet technology as they relate to information access and flow.

To Empower Students

with the knowledge they need to detect bias and avoid fakes, frauds, and deliberate misinformation that has vandalized the Internet.

To Equip Students

with knowledge of various online investigation methods for detecting, compiling, presenting, and preserving digital information, such as e-discovery and corroborative or direct digital evidence.

To Tech Students

about some of the most important Cyber Laws and related legal issues, such as ethical practices when using information obtained from the Internet.

Internt Research Training Course

Become a Certified Internet Research Specialist

Study Time: Approx. 8 to 12 Hrs Per week Over 6 weeks
Assessment: 90 Minutes Multiple Choice Exam
Resources: Practice Exercises, Q & A Workbook


World's leading professional association of Internet Research Specialists - We deliver Knowledge, Education, Training, and Certification in the field of Professional Online Research. The AOFIRS is considered a major contributor in improving Web Search Skills and recognizes Online Research work as a full-time occupation for those that use the Internet as their primary source of information.

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