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AOFIRS is the World's Leading Provider for imparting Internet research education & training, leading to their credentialing. Our programs are accessible online 24x7 in Over 80 Countries...


The Association's Education System is a combination of Teaching Programs for Knowledge Professionals and those Information users that use the Internet as a preferred tool for their research. 

Our certifications objective is to educate and train online researchers that now form a significantly large group of people involved in online research work. In the absence of any other formal training in this area of expertise, At AOFIRS we are offering the most in-demand career certification of "Certified Internet Research Specialist" (CIRS) for professional online research careers. Another training program is now offered for a career in Online Investigative Research for those that require knowledge of using the Internet for investigations and information verification. The Association also offers short courses with certificates of course completion or COP (Certificate of Proficiency).

Certified Internet Research Specialist [CIRS™]

Professional Certification Program 

The CIRS™ is the first of its kind - A Gold Standard Certification for Practitioners of Online Research. This course is developed as a Self-study Training Guide to assist you in preparing for the CIRS examination. The training guide book is most suitable as a Practical Guide or Reference for mastering the art of Online Research by anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool for information gathering -  In this course, you will learn about the practical approach in building complex search queries and the search tools. If you become a CIRS™ you are expected to be knowledgeable in selecting the best search tools and be proficient in building Internet search queries. You would develop sufficient knowledge of the Internet Laws and related ethical issues. This program is available in both Self-study and Online Training Classes. No prior knowledge or experience in research is required to take this course.

Web Search Methods & Techniques - Certificate of Proficiency [COP]

Live Online Classes -  Certification Program for Skill Development

The Web Search, Methods, and Techniques Training course explains the importance of online search and helps you to know how to do internet search properly. You will learn advanced search methods and techniques, how to use the Advanced Search Operators and Effective Search Phrase to build complex web search queries in various situations and search needs? - This learning program is focused on teaching with practical examples, following certain rules, conventions, and methods that only experts use today in professional online research work. The topics covered in this program answers questions such as; What makes the Internet work? And how do we distinguish Web Browser, Search Engine? What is the Web Application and how the search reads Web Pages of Textual Database? How does the Internet search engine point us to the information that we need?, How the search engine reads Web pages?, What are some of the ways an online researcher selects search operators, notations, and symbols in creating complex search query strings? - Students are introduced to online investigative research methods. It gives insight into finding social media contacts, tracing emails, locating trolls, and performing online due diligence on people and businesses. The “Certificate of Proficiency” (COP) in “Web Search Methods & Techniques” covers Module 2 of CIRS™ exams also. Students can apply for Credits (Exemption) when appearing for CIRS™ later. 

Online Investigative Research - Certificate of Proficiency [COP]

Live Online Classes -  Certification Program for Skill Development

This course is designed for online investigators, government agencies, human rights activists, PI’s and law enforcement personnel’s, lawyers, HR for background checks and verifications, investigative journalists Etc. The course teaches several approaches on finding information pages and data about persons, relations, businesses, assets and events for investigative purposes. The student of this course will learn through illustrations and hands-on simulations, how to develop “deep search queries” in complex web search? – Various methods, tools and software’s used in Online Information Forensics will be introduced. A student will learn techniques in verification of legit and authentic profiles, websites and how to separate fake news and fake videos. If you are tracking corporate ownership and corruption, web page activity, or mapping political influence, this guide is for you.

Who can use these Certification?

These Certifications are used by anyone looking to search the Internet for Free Information sources and find valuable online databases that provide reliable and relevant information. The certified professional include Professional Services Provider (such as Lawyers, PI's, Financial, Analysts, Writers Etc), Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Govt and Non-profit Associations.

Corporate & Business

  • Senior Business Executives
  • Financial Advisors
  • Business Consultants
  • Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Bankers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Public Companies
  • Investors, Shareholders
  • Private Companies SMB to Large Size Corporations

Professional Researchers

  • Marketing, Advertisement, and Sales
  • Marketing Researchers
  • Librarians
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Legal Researchers
  • Patent, Copyrights and
    Intellectual Property
  • Company Trends and
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Researchers
  • Financial Market and Stock
  • Researchers

Professional Advisors

  • Lawyers, Accountants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance House's
  • Business Development Advisors
  • Private Investigators
  • The Government
  • Semi-Government Institutions
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Military Personnels

Independent Contractors

  • Freelancer
  • Individuals between Jobs
  • Independent Researchers
  • Web Researchers
  • Research Hobbyists
  • Stay at Home Mothers
  • Retirees
  • People with Limited Mobility
Industry Validation

Industry Validation

Our flagship certification called CIRS [Certified Internet Research Specialists] is by far the only professional credentials that meet this challenge. The CIRS Certification objective is to educate and train online researchers that now form a significantly large group within different market verticals. Thus far, our courses and syllabus have proven to have the most comprehensive curriculum that fulfills the current industry requirements.

Benefits of Certification

Professional Credibility

An undertaking by the CIRS qualified research specialists ties you to abide by the Association's “Professional Code of Conduct” that gives its practitiioners a higher level of credibility in their industry of research.

Industry Validation

Professional Certification in Internet Research is the most comprehensive study program recognized in the Online Research Industry. A CIRS Certification demonstrate your extra-ordinary skills and expertise in conducting web search.

Career Outlook

The future of the certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS) is a bright one. Find out if getting your CIRS Certification is the right choice for you.

Save on your Certification

Become an "Associate Member" and save up to 20% on your all purchases, webinars, seminars and online classes

What Our Members are Saying?

"I am a Certified Research Specialist. The courses I took were very extensive and well laid out curriculum-wise, they covered a lot of ground in making sure that anyone who likes to do professional research gets a thorough understanding of search engines. I am not exactly a technical person, but I have been applying research in various aspect of my profession. The CIRS course made me understand the true working of search engines and how they are configured and what to do exactly to extract the information we need. This is indeed a science in itself. I feel more confident in using the Internet for my information needs, and yes! I am also certified, how about that!"

"The association is a great source for finding online information where-about. The Internet search has become skill-set that I needed to learn from my ongoing research work. I am a journalist and occasional research help for my employer. I have fallen in love with the Association group for what they bring to people like myself. They have a lot of information on their website for Internet information search. I visit them religiously every single day, especially to read the articles they compile on a daily basis."

"I took CIRS course to earn credentials that will help in getting freelance research work. I thought that, since I thought I know all about doing the research on the Internet, I need not learn more and I only needed a certificate. I was wrong in my assumptions, and I found out how much of the things I did not know before, I was naive. I will recommend that anyone who thinks they know research work with the Internet without proper training are in for a surprise. Taking the CIRS course is a must-have skill for everyone."

"I chose to become CIRS Certified because I’m proud to be a Certified Internet Research Specialist and I wanted to let the world know how much I love this profession. I’ve done so much in my career, and I wanted to elevate myself to the next level. Beyond that, I’ve seen a lot of job postings for Research Analyst recently that require applicants to be CIRS. I believe this is the positive direction our profession is headed, and I want to be along for the journey."


World's leading professional association of Internet Research Specialists - We deliver Knowledge, Education, Training, and Certification in the field of Professional Online Research. The AOFIRS is considered a major contributor in improving Web Search Skills and recognizes Online Research work as a full-time occupation for those that use the Internet as their primary source of information.

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